By Victor Ogunyinka

Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi has condemned the uncultured intervention of some Yoruba subjects on the recently crowned diaspora kings by Olugbo.

Oluwo of Iwoland
Oluwo of Iwoland

Oluwo stated he has never installed any diaspora king, described majority comments against traditional rulers as barbaric, uncultured, desecrating and morally lacking. Oba Akanbi berated Yoruba monarchs who feel excited when a chief is insulting his colleague.

The monarch disclosed most paramount rulers in Yoruba land have done what Olugbo just did but the bashing accompanied Olugbo was a clear indication that some Yorubas are not students of history.

Oluwo cautioned monarchs to be upright in conducting their loyalists most especially during an altercation with another traditional ruler.

He suggested traditional issues, agreement and disagreement should be addressed in the house most especially those relating with core culture, tradition and value.

Oluwo observed the formation of Yoruba Obas Central Committee to halt the regular watching traditional linens in the public and set a foundational template for conflict resolutions for Yoruba subjects/nation.

He said he was right no one can question to crown Obas for Yoruba in the diaspora as done by some of his colleagues but he is a respecter of due process.

A statement by Oluwo’s press Secretary, Alli Ibraheem reads “As a natural paramount ruler, I have the right that no one can question to crown an Oba in the diaspora. Something is wrong, we cannot all say things should continue going wrong. Many of those aspiring to be Obas have come to me, sought my endorsement because they know I have the authority but due process must be followed to respect our tradition”.

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“I’m afraid of the consequences the installation will pose in the nearest future.  Those crowned have no status in a traditional institution. They may wake up one day and claim to be natural paramount ruler like Ooni, Alaafin, Orangun, Owa, Oluwo etc because they were crowned directly and never upgraded from Báálé (head of the compound), Báálè (head of the town) and then an Oba (king). There is a process in the institution. It must be respected but many of our traditional rulers have tramped on it”

“Also of traditional abomination was the uncultured language of the critics of Olugbo. Many of them equally demonstrated ignorance of history. Disappointedly, few kings are excited when a chief threw abusing words at an Oba.No king should be excited that a chief is insulting an Oba. It is a clear display of a divided house”

Oba Akanbi who said he is afraid of the future consequences of having diaspora kings faulted the process that produced the existing ones, saying it will amount to placing a younger brother before his eldest in the family.

He said there is nothing bad in installing Obas for the Yorubas in Diaspora as a mark of Yoruba kinship but due process must be respected. He faulted the critics of the installation saga as unfair, stating they should have raised their voice before now when few Yoruba Obas installed Oba for diaspora long ago.

Oluwo boldly stated many Yoruba monarchs are guilty, saying most first-class monarchs architect the unpopular decision, crowned Caucasian in Brazil and some western countries.

He said the action of Olugbo was a continuation of what some paramount rulers have done but maybe those condemning Akinruntan were not students of history.

According to Oluwo “Many other first-class Yoruba Obas have installed monarch for Diaspora without due process. It is unfair to totally Condemn the action of Olugbo. I’m equally a first-class natural paramount ruler. I have the right to install diaspora king but I’ve never grown any. It is not a crime yo do so but due process mist is respected. Many of our colleagues have a fine similar thing in the past but maybe those criticism Olugbo were not on the planet then. We should be balanced and objective while setting the record”

He said those throwing bashing at Olugbo are not students of history, charged them to research into similar acts exercised by some Obas who had installed kings in the diaspora.

Oluwo called on other paramount rulers such as Ooni of Ife, Alaafin of Oyo, Alake of Egba, Orangun of Ila, etc to safe traditional institution from concurrent dragging in the mud of public condemnation and raise the sanctity of the institution.


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