May 27, 2019

How Auxell Musical Equipment company became household name

How Auxell Musical Equipment company became household name

When Auxell Musical Equipment company berthed in 2015, little was in the offing that it would be a company that would dominate its space.

Four years down the lane it appears another winner is on the horizon and the name is Auxell Musical Equipment, a musical equipment company that sells all kinds of musical equipment like DJ equipment, studio gadgets, club sound management and many more.

According to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, “At Auxell Musical equipment, we have observed that the music business industry is experiencing a major shift, social media and streaming platforms have given rise to a host of new and upcoming music artists, who now create music in their home studios, and then upload and promote their crafts on social media and streaming platforms. This has changed the buying behaviours of customers in the music equipment business. Live sound equipment and musical instruments are now purchased more by gospel artists, churches and DJs, while Pro audio equipment are increasing rapidly in sales.”

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At Auxell Musical, their success story has so much to do with how they understand the business of music and the terrain.

“It is worthy to note that in order  to stand out and offer the best you need to have acquired a lot of experience in music, sound engineering and acoustics. This knowledge is what has sustained Auxell Musical Equipment over the years , we are always acquiring more knowledge and keeping up with the changing times and innovative technologies in the industries,” said the CEO.

According to the CEO, their fortunes changed entirely with the advent of social media. Although their Lekki showroom is a standout spectacle, the bulk of their sales are done through their online presence, through their Instagram page @auxellmusical.

Auxell Musical Equipment which runs under the brand name of Auxell Professional Sound System was founded by Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samuel in 2015. Growing in leaps and bounds the brand has become top player in the industry, delivering solutions to musical needs of studio owners and musical artists.

The maverick businessman behind the brand, Chukwudebelu is a medical microbiologist from Anambra State University. After the completion of his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programe he worked with a private hospital called De Marvel Hospital, in Festac, Lagos. Not long, he quit the job to give his entrepreneurial spirit a breath of life. This took him to Alaba International Market, where he learnt the rudiments of the trade that has made him popular as a businessman.

Prompted by the boom and vibrancy of the music industry, Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samue started his business by importing musical equipment. And today his company is rated the largest musical equipment store in Nigeria.

Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samuel hails from Oraifite, Anambra State. He was born on the first of April 1989. He graduated from Anambra State University, Anambra State in the year 2011 and finished his NYSC 2012.

The Auxell Musical Equipment company is situated in the Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria.

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