By Johnbosco Agbakwuru

A Non Governmental Organization, “Project One” has advised the youths to shun illegal migration and being used as political thugs to cause violence in the country.

Some of the 164 returnees from Libya facilitated by International Organisation on Migration and National Emergency Management Agencyon arrival at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos on Thursday

Founder of “Project One” , Bisayo Busari-Akinnadeju, advised youths to work together, promote unity and restore the glory of Nigeria as the giant of Africa.

Speaking at a conference titled “#i am Nigerian”, in Abuja, Busari-Akinnadeju also explained that she chooses to wear green and white muffler while traveling abroad in order to promote Nigeria’s image across the world as a volunteered ambassador.

She noted that differences in political affiliations had been a bane in the unity and progress of the country, regretting that youths were used to perpetuate violence by politicians.

She said the “Project One’ will focus on political education for Nigerian youths to teach them to shun violence, to be united despite differences in terms of party affiliation.

She frowned at the discrimination Nigerians were subjected to abroad and the negative impression some people have about the country and rged youths to look beyond the challenges and shun illegal migration, embrace patriotism, shun and work together to change the narrative.

According to her, “We must remain loyal, to see that our nation regains its place as the giant of Africa, let’s portray what it means to be a Nigerian, be a brand ambassadors, portray your identity, work together to make a difference and be seen as a source of pride and confidence.

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“When travelling, once your green passport is sighted, you are discriminated against. Like, If any other person is searched for two minutes, if you are a Nigerian, you are searched for four minutes.

“So, back then I had this mindset that if I am going to any country outside Nigeria, I won’t wait for you to see my green passport before you will know that I am a Nigerian, so I always travel with my green and white muffler, so, from a distance you can sight that a Nigerian is on this row and just be prepared.

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“It was just my way of emphasizing that I am a Nigerian and I want to be loud about it and I am proud of where I am from. I don’t know what your impression about my country is, but I know I am coming from a great country nd I am a grand ambassador of my country. ”

She explained that her passion and greatest drive for embarking on “project one” has been her love for her country which is also inspired by the love her father gave the country

She further stated that another aspect of the “project one” is citizen appreciation, adding that in the 2017 edition, the conference featured and appreciated the designer of the Nigerian Flag Pa. Taiwo Akinkumi while the 2018 edition recognized the five writers of the Nigerian National anthem.

She also explained that the 2019 “#I am a Nigerian” conference which has the theme ‘beaming the light on the Nigerian child’ is aimed at reaching to the younger generation to teach them to be patriotic from the cradle.

Akinadeju said the “one project” is being expanded with the National Orientation Agency (NOA) on board, the Federal Road safety, NYSC, and other education bodies.


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