May 24, 2019

Bomb blast at mosque kills Popular TV imam

Explosive device kills 9 in Cameroun, injures 26

Bomb blast

A blast at a Kabul mosque during Friday prayers killed two people, including a prominent Afghan religious scholar, and injured 16 others, officials said.

Bomb blast

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The bomb at Al-Taqwa mosque in the east of the capital appeared to target Mawlawi Raihan, an imam who appeared frequently on religious shows broadcast on local TV.

President Ashraf Ghani issued a statement condemning the attack, blaming “terrorists”.

They “are justifying their crimes and misinterpreting religious values and teachings by silencing the voice of a brave religious scholar and patriot”, Ghani said.

The explosion took place around 1:20 pm (0850 GMT) during Friday prayers, which in the holy month of Ramadan are usually well attended.

Police spokesman Firdaws Faramarz confirmed Raihan had died in what he said was a blast caused by a standalone bomb.

“It was not a suicide attack,” he said.

While Kabul has seen frequent attacks on Shiite shrines and gatherings — particularly by the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate — Raihan was a Sunni.

His Facebook page features a picture of him standing alongside members of the Afghan security forces.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the blast