April 28, 2019

Your mobile phone battery sucks! And here is why

Your mobile phone battery sucks! And here is why


All batteries have an expiry date, including your smartphone battery. However, how you use it, charge it and handle it, defines the longevity of the battery before it starts to malfunction. The phone battery, as unconventional as it may sound, is the heartbeat of any smartphone. Some people would rather say software is more important, but of what importance would a smartphone be when you can’t see beyond a dark screen?

I died, woke up after four days – Mr Ibu


Buying a smartphone with a very good OS is one thing; buying a smartphone that lasts you for a longer period of time is another thing.However,a device with a poor battery performance that can only last few hours loses its credibility to even begin with. While a bad battery can either be a factory error or user-caused error, in most cases,we as users are the core problem of why our smartphone battery “sucks” and here is why:

  1. Charging your smartphone overnight

One of the most asked phone battery questions is; can you overcharge your phone? The good news isno, which means charging it overnight so that you can have enough juice to run the day is not necessary. Phone batteries contain a rechargeable lithium-ion (or Li-ion) battery which charges faster than traditional rechargeable batteries. However, according to an article from Cadex’s Battery University Site, culled from TIME, Li-ion does not need to be fully charged as is the case with lead acid and it is better not to fully charge because high voltage stresses the battery. Simply put, overcharging is detrimental to your battery.

  1. Charging While Operating Your Phone

We might all be guilty of this with few of us even knowing the impact this habit has on our phone battery. This increases the internal temperature leading to overheating and shortens the battery life.

  1. Using Knockoff Chargers

It is important that you find a compatible charger, preferably use the original charger for your smartphone as it is also a key factor if you want a long-lasting battery. Some of these chargers can cause software malfunction as they do not include any safety mechanism to protect against fluctuation and over-charging.

Besides adopting healthy phone battery usage and practices such as switching off battery-draining apps and carrying a portable power bank everywhere you go, you can invest that money and time into purchasing a smartphone with long-lasting battery life. I honestly think it’s time you start getting value for every dime spent on a smartphone.

While you can go for a Samsung or Huawei device, why not opt for the best and the newest addition of good battery life smartphone in the market – the itel P33 and P33 Plus. These smartphones have proven to excel in rigorous reliability test and long-lasting battery life with their 4000mAhand 5000mAh batteries combined with an AI power master that assures an excellent battery performance. On the itel P33, you can conveniently go 80 hours on a single charge which roughly rounds up to 24hours of gaming, 30hours video playback, 35hours call-time,and 200hours music playback.

With the itel P33, you’re getting more than just a long-lasting phone. itel also added other premium features like a fingerprint sensor, face unlock and dual rear-cameras, making this an attractive budget option for people who still want their phones to pack a lot of capabilities.