April 30, 2019

Yoruba Obas Forum frowns at coronation of Yoruba diaspora kings by Oba Akinruntan, Olugbo of Ugbo

Yoruba Obas Forum frowns at coronation of Yoruba diaspora kings by Oba Akinruntan, Olugbo of Ugbo

Oba Akinruntan

By Chris Onuoha

The Yoruba Obas Forum (YOF), has frowned at the way and manner a Yoruba traditional ruler, Oba Dr. Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan, Olugbo of Ugbo, endorsed and crowned what he calls diaspora Obas among other things.

This singular act according to the forum is an aberration and Oba Akinruntan needs to be called to order

Oba Akinruntan, Olugbo of Ugbo, Yoruba Obas forum, Oba

Oba Akinruntan

In a release to the media, the forum after a thorough deliberation, stated;

“Those who cannot be angry at evil, lacks enthusiasm for good. And there is an age long Yoruba that says Agba kii wa loja ki ori omotuntun wo:

Buhari, Jonathan, Atiku and I (3)

The attention of the Yoruba Obas Forum being the umbrella body of over 200 Obas in the South West and North Central regions of Nigeria (comprising of OSUN, OGUN, OYO, EKITI, ONDO, LAGOS KOGI, KWARA STATES of Nigeria) has been drawn to the recent illegal, unwarranted and unprecedented endorsement and installation of certain persons as Oba Yoruba of Liberia, Oba Yoruba of Republic of Ireland and Oba Yoruba of Atlanta, Oba Akile of Dallas by OBA OBATERU AKINRUNTAN.

“It is apposite to state categorically that the Yoruba Obas Forum strongly and vehemently reject this sacrilegious endorsement and purported installation which is not only illegal but alien to the Yoruba custom and tradition.

“We state unequivocally and without fear of contradiction that the purported installation is an affront to Yoruba tradition and a desecration of Yoruba custom and tradition. It must be made crystal clear that OBA AKINRUNTAN does not possess such power under any guise to endorse, install, or crown anyone as Yoruba Oba outside his domain,” the forum said.

Stating further, it said, “Consequent upon the above the purported installation and coronation is therefore declared ultra vires, illegal, void and of no effect whatsoever and cannot stand the test of time.

“We as a body hereby disassociate ourselves from this illegal and caricature installation and we consider it as abominable and highly condemnable act.

“We hereby call on His Excellency Rotimi Akeredolu SAN, to cause a discreet and holistic investigation meted with decisive action against him and to call the Olugbo of Ugbo to order and compel him to rescind his illegal action, so as to prevent future occurrence. We will equally like the concerned Embassies as well as the general public to take notice of our stand.

“We also call on our highly revered monarchs the OONIRISHA and IKU BABA YEYE THE ALAAFIN OF OYO to take a decisive administrative action against these people as well as to take immediate visible steps traditionally to invoke the wrath of ELEDUMARE on all the perpetrators and their cohorts known and unknown,” the forum added.

With all sense of concern to the observance and respect to the Yoruba traditional rights, the forum added that,

“Consequently, we hereby call on OBA OBATERU AKINRUNTAN to immediately reverse the purported installation with a public apology

“All authentic Yoruba Oba are hereby requested to ensure that none of these illegally crowned fake Obas must be permitted to dress, talk, assume or act like Obas anywhere on Nigeria soil and if they do not retrace their illegal steps should be considered outcast in all parts of Yoruba land and by all Yoruba indigenes worldwide. A word is enough for the wise. Long live Yoruba  Obas Forum, Long live Yoruba Land, Long live Nigeria,” the forum concludes.