April 17, 2019

We’re shocked at Notre Dame destruction – Onaga, Enugu Catholic Bishop

We’re shocked at Notre Dame destruction – Onaga, Enugu Catholic Bishop

By Dennis Agbo

ENUGU- CATHOLIC Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Very Rev Fr Dr Callistus Onaga has expressed shock at the destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral in France.

Bishop Onaga who expressed his disbelief during his presentation of Easter message in Enugu on Wednesday said “We received the news with big shock. I almost wept for Notre Dame, not just because it is a beautiful artifact but because of the Eucharistic communion it has with the church.

“People look at the Blessed Sacrament and get cured, the power of Eucharist was discovered in it that those who could receive the sacrament get cured and those who just saw it got cured and that was how Notre Dame was built.

“It reminds us of the mother of Christ. Personally, I was worried on the relics and the ornaments that represent holiness which was over 600 years went that way. It was a precious stone for the whole world but I am happy has been raised to restore it.”

On the essence of Easter celebration, Bishop Onaga said that the 40 days fasting and works of mercy were for resurrection of Jesus Christ, adding the last supper of Thursday is important for the holy Eucharist as it shows presence but not symbolism.

He said that the Good Friday was as a day that Christ fulfilled his mission on earth. “Without the death of Christ, immortality would have been impossible and it marks the beginning of life and the pains of death are forgotten.

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“With the resurrection, our hope became a reality and our sweat bears fruits. Easter tells us that there is life after this life. The message of Easter is the dropping of our bad habits for better lives,” Onaga said.

He bemoaned the insecurity situations in the country, noting that it has now become difficult to close even a single eye for one to sleep. “Our country is turning to survival of the fittest just to protect ourselves. Let us realize that life belongs to God and government should step up security intelligence and apparatus,” he advised.