April 26, 2019

Traditional medicine: Herbalist cautions public on self-medication

Traditional medicine, herbs, herbalist

A herbalist, Malam Aminu Muhammad, has cautioned the public on the use of herbs without prescription and guidance by an expert (Herbalist) with knowledge about them.

Muhammad gave the warning in an interview with newsmen on Thursday in Kano.

He said that although herbs had healing properties in them, some of them could be poisonous and posed threats to health.

He explained that traditional medicine was just like modern medicine with each being a medication for a particular ailment.

“There are people who prescribe or use Traditional medicine carelessly and then face challenges with their health while some even lose their lives.

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“These herbs are more complicated than modern medicines because they are raw and some hardly blend with other Traditional medicine,’’ he said.

Muhammad, therefore, advised users to seek proper medication from experts in order not to expose themselves to the dangers of wrong and self-medication.