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The Top 3 Marketing Hacks For 2019

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Are you struggling to gain sales on your website? Do you feel that your content is not reaching the right audience? You are not alone, because many website owners do not know how to create traffic or sales on their websites. Even if you are only a start-up, do not be discouraged, you can grow with the “hacks” we will show you today.

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3 Marketing Hacks Which You Need to Stay Ahead of your Competitors

Hack 1: Aim To Create “Viral” content.

Viral content is content that people want to share and keeps being shared and shared over and over again with tons of traffic (and sales).  This is the norm once the content goes “viral,” whether it is on Youtube or Facebook.  The problem is a lot of people think that making viral content is either hard or just dumb luck.

It’s not just dumb luck.  Using our viral definition, this means simply creating things that people like to share, and there are three content types people share:

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  1. Funny content
  2. Controversial content
  3. Inspirational Content

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Maybe you are in a “boring” industry: try and add some life into it with a bit of humor. Maybe you have an opinion that could be considered “controversial” in your community of professionals; it doesn’t have to be something involving politics or religion, just something that people will have an opinion about that they would want to share whether it be for or against you.

It doesn’t matter whether people are for you or against you in this controversy.  Be sure to have a solid reason to be controversial, and don’t be controversial for the sake of being controversial.

When you have a reason for your controversial stance, people may say you are wrong, but either reaction gets people talking and visiting your site (and most importantly making sales).

So get your opinion out there, and you may see a bit of traffic.

Maybe not millions of visitors but that’s not the goal at first.  Just get the info out there and see what happens.

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If creating this type of content isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean it is entirely out of reach for a company like the Marbury Creative Group to help you out.

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Hack 2: Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is partnering with other websites who promote you. When you make a sale, you give them a portion of the profit. This kind of arrangement is ideal because now you can get a lot of traffic (and sales) with a well-done product launch.

The first key is to frame your product right and make it worth it for others to promote you.  Some marketers even pay more to affiliates then the product is worth!  How do they do this and stay in business?

They do this by having a sales funnel in place, whereby they sell more to those that buy the first product. They can make more money this way than if they just sold that one product. Don’t begin paying your affiliates in this way, though.

Test out your funnel with your ads first to make sure it works and see how much your average customer value is.

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Then you will be able to determine how much you can give away to affiliates.

The second key to affiliate marketing is making sure you sell the right product.  You want to sell a product that not everyone has but is complementary to what everyone has.

So if everyone is selling spoons, you need to sell forks and knives. Take a hard look at your market and sell something everyone needs on the side.  Maybe they all are selling sales funnel software, perhaps you should make sales funnel training software or create funnels for those who have this new software.

Hack 3: Referral Programs

After you add customers with the first two hacks, you can obtain more customers with referral programs.  These are programs in which you give existing customers, either more services, perks or, say a free month of service for every customer that they refer to your business. A well-done referral program can have phenomenal effects on your business’s growth. One company that used this to grow 3900% was Dropbox.

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Will the same thing happen to you when you put these in practice?   I don’t know, but it definitely won’t happen if you never get started.  So start today!

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