April 26, 2019

Stop storing fuel in your cars, Fire service warns Nigerians

Lagos fire service

Lagos State Fire Service

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Fire Service has warned residents to desist from storing fuel in vehicles.

File: Lagos State Fire Service

Mr Timveh Jerry, agency’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) gave the warning in an interview with newsmen on Friday in Abuja.

He said that it had been observed that people were in the habit of buying and storing fuel in gallons.

“We frown strongly at people buying fuel and storing in vehicles either to use it later in generators or for any other domestic use.

“When you store fuel in a wind up vehicle there is every tendency for heat to be trapped in such vehicle.

“Because fuel is inflammable it will always want to look for a means of escape which is what we call ‘Evaporation’.

“As they keep evaporating, they circulate in that vehicle and once this evaporated inflammable air come in contact with any ignitable it will explode,” Jerry said.

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He added that the service had embarked on several sensitisation programmes to educate the public against such attitude as it was a continuous process by the service.

Jerry also advised filling station owners against discharging fuel when the weather was hot to avoid fire outbreak.