By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

Righteousness is the act of being just or acting in a moral way.

Many people, religious, political and security lead-ers in this country believe their actions and deeds in the course of discharging their duties/responsibili-ties are just. But most of these, if not all, are for their selfish interest.

•Pastor Daramola

Some religious leaders orie-ntate their followers to dis-criminately avoid relating with followers of another religious denomination on the basis of mode of wors-hip and church tenets. Im-agine some Christians do not see anything good in white garment churches.

Meanwhile the Holy Bible does not condemn it, in-stead justifies the need for followers of Jesus Christ to wear white garment. Reve-lation 7:13-17. Some Christ-ian leaders preach against vision, prophecy and tak-ing of drugs (medication).

They believe any Christ-ian that does any of these is an unbeliever. Christian brothers or sisters cannot eat or drink with fellow Christians.

Is that righteous?

Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed, the proginat-ors of Christianity and Isl-am respectively taught and preached to their foll-owers the spirit of Love. But today most religious leaders saddled with the responsibility of propagat-ing these two religions ha-ve failed to practice the teachings of these two great leaders.

Imagine, Muslim brothers killing one another and non-Muslims with the be-lief that they are doing it for God. Can you fight for God? A Muslim friend told me that Muslims can pray anywhere they go and pe-ace be unto them there. Then why are some Musl-ims maiming, killing peo-ple everywhere, is this ri-ghteousness?

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It is pertinent that both the Christians and Musl-ims preach love and peace, allow peace to reign in this country and in the world in general. There is no need to be killing one ano-ther because we came from the same God.

The world has been trans-formed from the primitive ways of living to a better, civilized and modernized ways of living. Both Jesus Christ and Prophet Moha-mmed rode on donkeys, lived in caves, excreting in bushes but now religious leaders ride posh cars and jeeps and live in mansions and beautiful houses. So-me religious leaders tell their members not to com-mit adultery but they co-mmit adultery even with their female members.

In our country, govern-ment officials are not righ-teous in discharging their responsibilities. Imagine the recent Police pension scam, a high court judge discharged and acquitted an ex-governor of charges of fraud, embezzlement and later for the ex-gover-nor to plead guilty to the same charges in UK. Is the judge a righteous person?

A policeman at the check-point takes bribe from co-mmercial bus driver, if caught he be reprimanded but top senior police offic-ers are involved in mis-management of police fund they’re walking free-ly. Is this righteousness? Some Custom officers seize smuggle goods of ordinary citizens but some officers will escort a trailer load of illegal goods into the coun-try without being arrest-ed.

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