April 11, 2019

Pictures, videos: The view from Sudan as demonstrators bare it all


A jubilant Sudanese kisses a soldier after Omar Al-Bashir exit

Victor Ogunyinka

You must have heard of the news from Sudan on the exit of President Omar Al-Bashir after 30 years of dictatorship. Call it resignation, sack, ouster, ejection, military evasion… what is beyond doubt is that Sudanese would sleep and wake for the first in about three decades to catch up with the reality of the exit of their love to hate ruler.

If there’s something Sudanese have done in unity more than sports, it is their march against Al-Bashir as it had been consistent and finally, they all have a victory to claim.

And yes, to show their ecstasy, Sudanese literally shut down the streets in jubilation and both young and old, men and women all partook in the victory march and chant… and the beat goes on.

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A little girl displays the Sudan flag from the top of a vehicle. PHOTO: AFP/Getty Image


All the way to the top, demonstrators take it up high and oust the flag near the defence ministry in Khartoum. PHOTO: Reuters


We did it for peace. Sudanese women were in the forefront of the protest before Al-Bashir’s exit. PHOTO: Reuters


Crowds gather after Sudan’s defence minister and army general, Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf, announces that President Omar al-Bashir has been detained and that a military council will run the country. PHOTO: Reuters


All we want is freedom, peace and justice. Anti-regime protesters display banner. PHOTO: AFP/Getty Image


More women show their happiness in front of army headquarters in Khartoum PHOTO: STR/EPA


Billboard wasn’t spared all for demonstration. PHOTO: Reuters

And some others took it really personal…

Bloomberg thinks it’s a warning to somebody else

Yes, Sudan, but wait, what is Museveni doing?

Everything has an end, but really, whose end is next?

And more jubilation

Meanwhile, more fights and protests ahead

The Arab connection, where are they now?