April 4, 2019

Omo-Agege’s house of cards will come crashing soon – Emerhor

Omo-Agege’s house of cards will come crashing soon – Emerhor

Chief O’tega Emerhor (left) and the former Governor of Ekiti State Chief Niyi Adebayo.

…Says it’s desperation taken too far

THE leader of the mainstream of APC in Delta State, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor has reacted to the widely circulated news online and in the print media of the purported affirmation by the Warri Federal High Court of the candidacy of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in the 2019 general elections in a judgement delivered on April 2, 2019 saying that ‘Omo-Agege house of cards will come crashing soon’.

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Recall that the candidacy of Senator Omo-Agege had earlier on March 18, 2019 being annulled by a judgement of a Federal High Court sitting at Asaba along with all candidates from Governorship to NASS and to State House of Assembly from the factional Prophet Jones Erue sacked state executives.

Reacting to the purported affirmation of Senator Omo-Agege candidacy by the Warri Federal High Court judgement, Emerhor stated that the judgement at no point contained such affirmation, that the purported affirmation is only in the imagination of Senator Omo-Agege and that indeed, it is desperation taken too far in attempt to hoodwink the general reading public into believing a fictitious affirmation.

In a statement released by Mr Godspower Itietie, Media Assistant to Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, he stated: “Justice Emeka Nwite of the Warri FHC gave a judgment on April 2, 2019 on a suit filed by Emerhor & Niboro against APC and INEC for a declaration that they are the valid and authentic candidates of APC for the Delta Central senatorial and Ughelli North, South and Udu federal constituency seats.

“The suit had been adjourned for ruling when the Asaba FHC gave its judgement and affirmed Emerhor and all Ogodo Exco candidates as the valid and authentic candidates of APC in the 2019 general elections and having secured their declaration from the Asaba FHC, Emerhor and Niboro voluntarily filed a motion of discontinuance at the Warri FHC, requesting that the suit be struck out as it serves no further legal purpose.

“The Judge in his wisdom dismissed the motion but still proceeded to strike out the suit however on the basis of inability to ensure fair hearing.

“It is in this regard that the Judge stated that the APC as a defendant has shown that the primaries that produce Omo-Agege and others were monitor by INEC and that the assertion was countermanded by Emerhor & Co, the plaintiffs.

“And that primaries that are monitored by INEC have a semblance of credibility for candidates that emerged therefrom and as such to ensure fair hearing, Senator Omo-Agege and Rev Francis Waive who emerged therefrom ought to be joined in the suit, and failure to join them, the suit is therefore struck out.

“Emerhor sought for the suit to be struck out and the court indeed struck the suit out. Mission achieved.

The statement added; “The Judge also made a few more statements: that he is unable to look into the issue of the authenticity of State Excos and candidates for the 2019 elections as the Asaba FHC already dealt on those issues.

“The court also dismissed the issue of Consent judgement stating that it is a different judgement entirely that cannot rob him of jurisdiction in this case. At no time did he affirm Senator Omo-Agege as authentic candidate.

“Even at that, Omo-Agege as a lawyer ought to know that when a suit is struck out, it is as if it never was filed. Any statements by the Judge are OBITER DICTUM , meaning expression of opinion not essential to the decision or accidental remarks that come to no moment.

“So from where did Omo-Agege get the acclaimed affirmation of his Candidacy? What benefits can come from a lie so barren and naked when the clothed truth is just ahead in the corner.

“A few days from now, the CTC of the judgement will be out and Omo-Agege house of cards will come crashing.

“What manner of desperation will justify this height of falsehood? The affirmation is just a figment of of Omo-Agage’s imagination.

Adding that, “It is an attempt to hoodwink the reading public to believe a fictitious affirmation. It is a sick lie. Indeed, it is desperation taken too far” the statement concluded.