April 12, 2019

Nigeria is a natural hub for some of best minds on the planet – ARO Group boss

By Chris Onuoha

…as the Group ambitiously ready to disrupt the market

“It is pretty much considered a statement of fact worldwide that Nigerians are the most hardworking and entrepreneurial individuals in every continent we inhabit,” says Aham Rochas, founder, ARO Group of Companies.Image may contain: text

According to him, “With a plethora of skills at our disposal, we often rise to the fore front of all activities we engage in, be it athletic, intellectual or otherwise. The evident source of all this talent shows that Nigeria is a natural hub for some of the best minds on the planet.”

Under these guise, a pool of youthful exuberance and unfiltered ideas however, stirred the birth of a very promising venture, the ARO Group, that has its operating footage in Abuja, Nigeria.

Upon visiting the Aro Group head office in Wuse 2, one would encounter a very youthful and vibrant team of young and very ambitious individuals with an average age of about 28.

The youthful managing director, Mr Aham Rochas, has a First-Class  Bachelor’s degree from Manchester University in UK and a Masters degree from Imperial College London in Mechanical Engineering and a Business Masters under-view from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Mr Aham Rochas, who is the first son of Rochas Okorocha, is one eager to engage in conversation with like-minded individuals interested in the kind of work the ARO Group does.

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Also, the Management team as observed shows a recurring interest in all business projects. “We solve problems using technology as well as broad remarks about changing the world,” says the youthful team that make up ARO Group. Another undertone seemed to highlight a keen interest in providing these solutions with minimal financial burden to the Nigerian government.

Studies conducted by PolicyBee show that the post ’92 generation produce more budding entrepreneurs than those from earlier times. This survey covered just over 1,000 graduates who left university over the last three years to find 63 per cent of graduates said they considered freelancing or being self employed upon graduation.

The pool of individuals at the ARO Group seem not to conform to the ‘traditional’ rules of operation for older businesses, thus ideas are full of ambition and more than capable to disrupt the ‘normal’ way of doing things with unique strategies. The policy operated is one which seems to welcomes all ideas, and individuality is strongly encouraged.

Golborn, a consulting firm operating under the ARO Group provides solutions which solve some large – scale Nigerian problems using technology, and Fula creates affordable contemporary buildings in the cities which standout quite noticeably from others in the area.

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The ARO Group gives back to the less fortunate through the ARO Foundation, with one of the major projects executed in KaronMajigi, Abuja, which provided education for hundreds of less privileged children. The ARO Foundation’s initiatives are aimed at absolutely free quality education for youths, business opportunities for mothers to feed their families, and peace campaigns to foster a strong sense of togetherness in our community.