Who was at Ikeja City Mall this weekend? Did you see this?


kwikmoney gave us the opportunity to thank our mums for the many times they’ve come through for us. The brand started with an online activation where people were asked to post pictures of their mums, along with a story of a time she helped when they were in need. 9 winners were selected from the many entries. Over the weekend, an ATM dressed like a mother was placed right in the center of the mall. Visitors celebrating their mums were encouraged to take photos with the costumed machine.


Dressing up an ATM to look like a mum to pass the message of #MumNotATM is just so creative.

For most of us, our mums are our go-to ATMs. Even when she doesn’t have cash, she goes all out to make sure she finds us something. But, how many times have we appreciated our mums for the many times they come through for us?

To round off the campaign, winners from the online competition had their mums’ pictures splashed on billboards across Lagos with a thank you message.

When next you are in a tight spot, give mum a break just visit www.kwikmoney.com.


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