April 25, 2019

Jonathan resorts to self-help to fix road, hospital

Jonathan resorts to self-help to fix road, hospital

he village head (In white) during a tour of his community to access the projects

Chief Maikefi Jonathan, the community leader of Ebba in Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State on Wednesday said he was seeking at least one million naira to revive his community’s access road.

he village head (In white) during a tour of his community to access the projects

Jonathan said in an interview with newsmen in Abuja that the village was experiencing a lot of difficulty accessing medical help especially during rainy season due to bad road.

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According to him, I wish I had at least a million naira of my own, I would have used it to clear the road to make it a bit accessible but I don’t have, so I wish the good people of Nigeria can support me.

“This is because my people hardly go out any day it rains because of the bad roads and most times the river overflows so we will have to wait until the water goes down before we can go out.

“Last year, we lost a womaan in labour because it was raining heavily so we could not cross over to Karshi to access the hospital and since the only hospital we have is a healthcare centre there was no doctor or nurse around.

“This village also does not have a secondary school, so our children walk many distances to bigger communities to attend school; therefore, whenever it rains, there will be no schools that day. ‘’

He lamented that the bad road had made it impossible for doctors and nurses to stay in the village’s primary healthcare centre which denied them access to quality healthcare.

He said that the issue was of great concern to him because it was in accessing the big cities that his people would have access to quality healthcare, education and trade their farm produce.

Jonathan said that the road was a necessity to the village because apart from accessing hospitals and schools, the major occupation of the people was farming.

He explained that when they harvest their produce, it was always difficult to reach the commercial centres and appealed to the Nasarawa government to look into their plight.

The community leader said that the government could assist in constructing the road, even if it was from Phase Five, Army barrack, to the stream, which not more than five kilometers.

He said that when the road was constructed, it would bring a lot of revenue to the state government.

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He appreciated a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Youths for Peace Building and Development in Africa (YOUPEDA), and World Faith Nigeria (World Faith) for their support to the villagers in terms of healthcare and women empowerment.

Mr Peter Obi, the Senior Fellow Executive Assistant of the NGO, also told NAN that the organisation was supporting Ebba community to build hospital wards, provide medical kits and other urgent needs.

Obi said that the support was necessary due to the dearth of healthcare facilities in the community and the need to empower women with entrepreneurial skills.

According to him, YOUPEDA is a cross-support NGO in collaboration with the World Faith NGO that focuses on peace education, community advocacy, empowerment, and health.