April 27, 2019

INTERNET FRAUD CONTROVERSY: Ruggedman sounds warning to Yahoo Yahoo Boys

INTERNET FRAUD CONTROVERSY: Ruggedman sounds warning to Yahoo Yahoo Boys



After his reaction to popular singer, Naira Marley’s open declaration of support for internet fraudsters, popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo, eloquent rapper, Ruggedman has issued a warning to internet fraudsters to quit defrauding innocent, hardworking people of their hard earned money.


He also advised them to find a legal source of income or face the full wrath of the law if eventually caught in the act.

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“Do not be deceived, if you are caught, you will go to jail. A word is enough. Any person who with the intent to defraud, send mails, misrepresent any fact or a set of fact to another person due to the misrepresentation, suffered loss and damages; such person has committed an offence and is liable to a term of not less than 5-years or a fine of N10million or both.

Its unfortunate Nigeria is the way it is at the moment; but the law is the law. Some might be getting away with crime because they are wealthy, you might not be that lucky. Crime is crime, we can do better. Things are changing”, he said.

Recall that Naira Marley had openly declared that internet fraud is not a crime because the so called Yahoo Boys are simply recovering all the monies looted by the white colonial masters.

“If you know about slavery you would know that yahoo is not a crime,” he had written on social media.

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