April 22, 2019

In Ghana, untrained vulcanisers major cause of road carnages ― Report


Car crash in Ghana. PHOTO: The Independent

Researched by the former National Road Safety Ambassador, Gabby Adu Gyamfi causes of many incessant tyre bursting in Ghana.

Car crash in Ghana. PHOTO: The Independent

Many people have been wondering what could be the cause of the incessant tyre bursts accidents on Ghanaian roads which puts too much blood on our highways. Many are made widows, orphans due to loss of lives and huge occurrence of injuries.

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A research was conducted by Gabby Adu Gyamfi, CEO of Gabby Adu Gyamfi Foundation and Former Road Safety Ambassador. The GAGF is into Road Safety Advocacy and Mr Adu Gyamfi who is also a survival victim of road crashed accident. The research indicated that,

The major cause of tyre bursts in Ghana is that we inflate too much pressure in our tyres by vulcanizers in the country. Mr Adu Gyamfi is reminding all drivers and riders that each car or motorcycle has a specific recommended tyre size and pressure clearly written on it by the manufacturers.

The recommended pressure for many tyres are 29,32 and 35 and 35, however, most are filled up to 50 and we travel with it. Whenever a driver or rider sends their vehicles to vulcanizers they recommend and inflated 50 pressure into the tyres.

Tyres are made of rubber and expand at a high temperature. So, when you are travelling in the afternoon when the asphalt on the road is hot, the tyres tend to expand. If the pressure on the tyre is too much and can’t accommodate the expansion, a burst is likely to happen at that time.

Please check the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle and others you know especially the transport operators and the general public. Also, ask your vulcanizer to check the recommended pressure for your tyre.

We hope many Ghanaians read this. As CEO of Gabby Adu Gyamfi Foundation which is into Road Safety Advocacy and also a Former National Road Safety Ambassador, it’s my duty to create this awareness to save lives.

I also caution drivers to be vigilant during this year’s Easter and other festivities since deaths due to accidents is almost 600 in the first quarter of 2019. Again Ghanaian drivers transport eggs more carefully than humans and I, therefore, appeal to all drivers to transport humans carefully than eggs.

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) should stop sitting in their air-conditioned offices, stop the unnecessary talking and work that’s the reason why they were paying huge monthly salaries, the job is on the roads or grounds, not their head office.

God bless our homeland Ghana and save us from unnecessary road accidents that could be prevented.