April 15, 2019

Father of 6 arrested for producing adulterated drinks, blames hardship

By Henry Ojelu

A man, Samson Offia, arrested by police for allegedly manufacturing adulterated alcoholic beverages and liquors has blamed economic hardship for his action.


Offia, who is a father of six children and a driver with a private school, was arrested after the police conducted a search on his residence and discovered a factory where he was producing different brands of adulterated alcoholic beverages and liquors.

According to the [olice, during the search, various brands of products suspected to be adulterated were found in his residence.

The police also said empty wine bottles and labelled bottle corks of different types of wine and hot drinks were also recovered.

The noted that the suspect would be charged to court after thorough investigation.

The suspect, who claimed to be a year-three National Diploma (ND 3) student of Food Technology, however, confessed that he started the business not too long ago.

He said: “There is no point lying about this again, it is true I committed the offence, and it is due to economic hardship. I am a father of six children and a driver. I am also a part-time student in Food Tech and just wrote my final exams.

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“I suddenly saw policemen in my house with a search warrant and after the search, they found all the equipment I’m using to produce the drinks. The things found include various brands of hot drinks suspected to be adulterated, empty bottles and labelled bottle corks of different types of drinks.

“But it’s not that I specialise in it, I just do it once a while. I don’t have a standard factory or produce in large quantities.

“In fact, I only produce just six bottles anytime I decide to. And I sell to just one customer.

On how much he sells per bottle, Offia said he sells a bottle of his adulterated gin for N300.

The suspect, however, said he was sorry for his action, adding that the economy pushed him to such crime.