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Corpses in Igwe Obosi’s palace story: Nwabude not our Prime Minister

By Chris Onuoha

The palace of the Igwe Obosi says Chief Nwabude is not the Prime Minister of Obosi, Anambra State.

In a reaction to a Sunday Vanguard story published in the Royalty section, it said, “The Obosi monarchy is 400 years old and parades over 30 kings in its ancient history. It still operates as a monarchy, not a social club. “Unlike most other kingdoms in Anambra whose traditional Prime Ministers are titled ‘Onowu,’ the Prime Minister of Obosi is titled ‘Iyasele,’ currently occupied by Chief Collins Anibogwu and whose kindred holds sole rights to the Iyasele title.

“Therefore, the claim of Chief Nwabude who claimed to be Prime Minister of Obosi in Sunday Vanguard’s story of 7/4/19 under the headline, ‘Ex-Minister Chidoka, two others in the eye of the storm,’ is false. Nwabude, who questioned Chidoka’s suspension, is Chidoka’s blood relation and ranks No.13 in the Royal Cabinet. He is neither the Prime Minister nor Igwe’s second in command as headlined and stated in the said story”.

Editor: We regret any embarrassment or inconveniences caused by this error.


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