March 14, 2019

#LagosBuldingcollapse: What Ekweremadu says

Xenophobia: Ekweremadu takes case to international parliament


My heart goes out to the casualties of the collapsed school building on Lagos Island and their families and loved ones.


However, the reoccurring incidents of building collapse across the country with attendant human casualties sadden. These incidents are quite avoidable and call to question the effectiveness of the concerned regulatory agencies and professional bodies.

Lagos to foot hospital bill of victims of building collapse – Ambode

While I pray God to grant the souls of the dead a peaceful repose and the affected families the fortitude to bear the loss, we must as a nation ensure that this and related incidents aren’t swept under the carpet. There must be consequences for such derelictions.

The Ita Faji building collapse yesterday

Meanwhile, I was quite moved seeing Nigerians rally for rescue, showing solidarity and love, and united in grief. That is who we truly are.