By Ayo Onikoyi

In a male dominated industry, few are the women who can hold their own and stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterpart.

The terrain gets rougher when it comes to the movie industry and many women have thrown in the towel to give the rein of command to the men but not Kogi State-born Titi Joseph, poised to change the landscape and flip the balance in the war of the sexes.

“Not at all, I am not intimidated by men. I believe in myself, in intelligence, hard work and success doesn’t have only male gender stamped on it. It is for everyone who is ready to work and make a change,” she said in an interview with Potpourri, responding to a question on whether she feels intimidated by the male in the industry.

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But talking about respect, Titi, who parades a B.Sc degree from Ahmadu Bello University and a Masters degree from University of Lagos, admits that males in the industry are more respected, primarily because of the perception alluded to women in the make-believe profession.

“You may be right to say that male actors are more accepted and respected in the society than female actors because many people in our society view actresses as sluts, especially, when you are not married. They believe that, for you to get a good role in a movie, you must have slept with so many men, but to be sincere with you, it is not in all cases and not all ladies are loose. Apart from that, some people have the mentality that women are less intelligent compared to men in terms of writing stories and producing movies.

But I would like to tell you that most interesting movies are mostly from female producers.  Times have changed, and women are taking charges in the industry now. We are not intimidated; women are growing stronger in the industry and are  taking the lead.

The Kogi State girl raised in Ilorin, Kwara State, hasn’t done badly by herself given the fact that she started from the base of the ladder. She has produced a couple of films and co-produced with others. Her first film was “Remarkable”, followed by “Long Walk To Nothing”, Postcard to Heaven. She has also featured in many top flight films produced by colleagues.


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