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March 8, 2019

Guinness record holder, Olawunmi, gears up for 30 days reading contest

Guinness record holder, Olawunmi, gears up for 30 days reading contest

Olubayode Tresures Olawunmi during the read aloud session.

Mr Bayode Olawunmi, the 2018 Guinness Book of Record holder in Marathon Reading Aloud Contest, on Friday said he was gearing up for the July reading contest which would last for 30 days.

Bayode Olawunmi: sets a Guinness Record in ‘Longest Marathon Reading Aloud”

Olawunmi told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that he would contest against six other Nigerians.

“ By July, I will be attempting another record again, this time it will be me and five other people and we will be reading for 30 days.

“I am optimistic that I will emerge the winner and retain the existing record again,” he said.

Olawunmi described the reading contest, held on Feb. 26 and March 3 2018, as harrowing because he was only given 2hrs break within 24 hours adding that the contest ran for five days.

“My experience during the 2018 Guinness record contest was horrible because my teeth was cutting my tongue several times, the pain was much and I was hallucinating, it was crazy.

“ In the course of the reading, I was made to read aloud and only given 2 hours within 24 hours when I can only eat, sleep and drink but not allowed to leave the premises of the contest.

“ I wish we have more Nigerians participating because it will also groom some other aspects of their intellect,” he said.

The Guinness record holder advised Nigerians to strive towards achieving greatness in their chosen fields where their opportunities are limitless, saying he had hankered after greatness and his quest paid him off as a world record holder.

“ I didn’t participate in the contest in order to be famous or rich but to tell the world that as Africans huge success can be achieved when greatness is pursued.

“ We should all crave for greatness, be problem solvers while we achieve what we want which are riches and fame.

“It is disheartening to know that our population is about 200 million people and only 4 individuals indicated interest in the 2018 context which I emerged the winner.

“ This is appalling, we should have like a thousand but we will find a good number of people indicating interest in music.

“ After the contest, many doors have opened to me and am enjoying it now,” he said. (NAN)