Niger Delta Youth Association, NDYA, yesterday, urged the Federal Government to take advantage of the tourism sector to grow the economy.

National President of NDYA, Comrade Victor James (right) in a handshake with Julie James, Assembly Member for Swansea West and also leader of the House Chief Government Whip shortly after a meeting.

In a statement, the National President of NDYA, Comrade Victor James, noted that Nigeria has so many tourist destinations but lacked the marketing strategy to attract tourists.

The statement read in part: “ There are many beautiful tourist centres in the country that will generate revenue but Federal and States Governments lack marketing strategy.

“ Government is like a business industry designed not only to govern the people but to create opportunities for her citizens through investment projects, tourism and other institutions of which through the media the country will compete favourably with international standards.

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“ Dubai and Turkey, for example, generate billions from tourism. Governance is like a product, the way you package in the media will determine the returns; if you want investors to come to Niger Delta, then the governors should provide adequate security in order to attract investors and stop the media game of making Niger Delta a kidnappers’ den.

“ This very ploy has been used to scare multinational corporations from establishing their offices in Lagos, whereas they are drilling crude oil in Niger Delta and polluting the region.

“ Why not improve the security apparatus and fight against poverty in every part of the country, and increase the salaries of security forces such as the Police, Army, Secret Services etc, so they wouldn’t compromise their jobs or take bribe.

He stressed that: There is need to partner with Niger Delta states via Niger Delta Delta Development Commission NDDC to enable investments and tourism growth in this region. It is the duty of both state and federal government to grant security for tourists and investors.

“ Nigerian governors should start appointing potential Nigerians who are based overseas and are keen to use their skills to develop Nigeria. This is to enable them inject fresh inter-atlantic knowledge in Nigerian leadership. Otherwise, they will become either sponsored opposition or a thorn in your flesh.”

He called on governors to appoint Diaspora desks in London and other developed countries and appoint liaison officers to represent them in London by bringing investors and tourism growth to their states.

“ This is another form of job creation as well as empowerment. The Nigerian Embassy in diaspora is too small to carry out this task and besides that, this desk is for state government. It will help bring the states closer to international institutions.”


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