March 16, 2019

Education is my priority for now – Actress Aishy

Education is my priority for now – Actress Aishy

Evidence that Nigerian actress Aisat Iyabode Asamu aka Aishy has settled and integrated into the American society emerged recently as the Okun Ebi actress completed an associate degree programme at a community college in Baltimore, Maryland.

Asamu, who hails from Oyo State in Nigeria, is also eyeing to pursue further degree next year at Morgan State University. If anything, that was a mark of progress for someone who began life as a professional hairstylist before venturing into acting.

She recently disclosed her expectation of a better future, saying: “I expect to be in a place better than where I am at the moment, grow higher, make more money, be a superstar and be unstoppable.”

Speaking of people that inspired her, Aishy disclosed: “I admire my mom a lot. She’s my role model. I look at my mom as an example of what a good woman should be; the way she does her thing, the way she talks, the way she put other people’s need first before hers.”

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She also declared the actress Iyabode Ojo as her role model. “She is someone I really like and admires a lot. She’s got the drive and everything. It is really rare to see a single woman in the industry that’s got the same energy and passion she’s got and also doing good things for herself,” she said.

Looking back at her life, Aishy declared without reservation: “I don’t have any regrets.”

She said: “I would not have made any different choices of relationships if I had the choice to playback my life. I learnt from everything that has happened in the past. And today, I am better off.  I’m married to a handsome and God-fearing man.”

Even as she is set to pursue further studies in the year ahead, especially come 2020, Aishy is not abandoning her acting career as she has greatly improved her act.

“A lot has really changed, especially in the way I deliver my lines. I have no anxiety as I used to when I just started. I’m more confident now and I believe that I have what it takes to be successful,” she affirmed.