March 26, 2019

Dental experts task Nigerians on good oral care

Dental experts task Nigerians on good oral care

As Pepsodent highlights importance of day and night brushing

By Chioma Obinna

Nigerians have been admonished to prioritise regular brushing to ensure good oral health because it plays a vital role in total wellbeing.

“Oral health plays a critical role to our total well-being,” said Dr Bola Alonge,  the Director/Head, Dentistry Division, Federal Ministry of Health.

Alonge, who  spoke at this year’s World Oral Health Day, called for prioritisation of regular brushing to ensure good oral health.

“It is important to urge children and parents alike to give importance to regular brushing, twice a day – morning and night before bedtime. Regular brushing prevents oral diseases and ensures good health,” she said.

President, Nigerian Dental Association, NDA, Dr Evelyn Eshikena, said, “The theme for 2019 “Say Ahh!….Act On Mouth Health”, motivates everyone to take tangible action towards oral health.

“Poor oral health can negatively affect a child’s confidence, social skills as well as potential for success later in life. Oral health is, therefore, essential to a child’s general health and well-being.”

Eshikena further said  everyone has a role in encouraging children to brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for good oral care. She said people should also cultivate the habit of dental check-up at least once in 6 months.

“If we all make deliberate efforts to take these steps, our oral hygiene level as a nation will improve better than what it is now.

Corporate Affairs and Sustainable Business Director, Unilever Nigeria and Ghana, Soromidayo George said as the official global partner of the World Oral Health Day, Pepsodent has been consistent in raising awareness about the benefits of good oral hygiene and the prevalence of tooth decay.

“We are committed to helping children and adults manage their oral hygiene to forestall absence from school, work and socialising due to oral health challenges.

“We have communicated this effectively in the days leading to the World Oral Health Day and we will forge ahead in this direction throughout the year,” she said.

Emphasizing the role children play in promoting oral care messages, Category Manager, Oral Care, Unilever Nigeria, Toluwaleke Salu noted, “Children are change agents. They have potential to drive behavioural change.

“They are influential to the Pepsodent ‘Brush Day and Night’ Schools Programme, a 21- day behavioural change campaign that encourages regular brushing, day and night, and transfer of this message to their parents and friends.”