March 28, 2019

2 more detained over German train attacks – Austrian Minister

Two additional terrorism suspects have been detained in the Czech Republic in connection with 2018’s attempts to derail trains in Germany, Austria’s Interior Minister, Herbert Kickl, said on Thursday.

Police arrest 2 cultists who allegedly chopped-off man’s wrist

The detainees are in addition to a 42-year-old Iraqi and his wife, who were taken into custody, in Austria.

Police in Edo arrest 81 suspected cultists in 40 days

The two additional suspects, who were detained on Wednesday in Prague had “formed a cell with the Iraqi,’’ Kickl told parliament.

The Iraqi has admitted to placing obstacles on rail tracks in southern Germany in October and in Berlin in December 2018, according to Austrian prosecutors, but he claimed he acted alone and that he did not have terrorist motives.

Dana Air increases flight frequency to Abuja

A locomotive and overhead cable was damaged in the incidents, but no one was injured or killed.