February 14, 2019

Winners emerge in I Go Dye’s ‘Francis Agoda Path of Honour’ peace prize video challenge

Winners have emerged from the ‘Francis Agoda Path of Honour” (FAPOH) awards prize for peace, a video challenge initiative by ace comedian, I Go Dye to promote peace during the 2019 general election. The Warri-born humour merchant had thrown an open challenge to anyone to do a video footage of themselves, promoting peace in the election and post with #Istandforpeace2019elections” on their Instagram page. Five thousand dollars were up for grabs for five winners.

Announcing the winners on Monday, I Go Dye said, “ Today we present Francis Agoda Path of Honour peace prize of $1000 each to the winners for using their platform to promote peace for I Go Dye #istandforpeace2019elections campaign. The last winner didn’t qualify because he used someone’s else material, $1000 is still available for other contestants, so do your video with.#istandforpeace2019elections tagged @igodye_ . Congratulations to @[email protected],@the_kingcomedy, @mcabilitea #istandforpeace2019 I believe that today’s world is built around uncertainties because we neglect promoting peace beyond our immediate environment, resulting in loss of lives and property, which could have been managed or avoided if human resources development is given more fundamental priority.

He further charged Nigerians to be patriotic. “Let’s come together as well meaning citizens of Nigeria, embracing this responsibility as a sacrifice for patriotism. Indeed, it doesn’t matter who you are, there is nothing compared to the price of peace and keeping it. Consequently, I urge you to do a video footage of yourself and post it with the #Istandforpeace2019elections”

I Go Dye is a UN Global Goals Ambassador, world habitat ambassador working to actualize the United Nations goals. In 2017 he won the Africa child prize making him an African Child Ambassador. He is also a Ukaid/Yaf goodwill Ambassador on making a difference Against Corruption Today MADACT.