February 6, 2019

WillPower eliminates bottlenecks for will-making process — UTL Trust boss

Computer, ICT


By Peter Egwuatu

Investors in both capital and money markets, as well as employees in both private and public sector and other individuals have easier process to putting their assets into a Will.”

The WillPower platform is an online will-writing service that simplifies the process of writing a will for an average Nigerian.

The Managing Director of a Trustee and Fund Manager, UTL Trust Management Services Limited, Mrs Olufunke Aiyepola, who disclosed this at the launch of the WillPower in Lagos said: “With WillPower, Nigerians can create their wills from the comfort of their homes and so determine how assets will be transferred to loves ones.”

She added: “The process of creating a will has now been made easy. All an individual needs to do is to create a secure account in our website, draft a will, print and sign. One it is dropped off at our designated couriers around the country, a legal team will review it and the Will will be lodged at a probate in any of the 36 states chosen by the individual.