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So those who removed Jonathan from Aso Rock, now want us to return them to Aso Rock?

Unless we take our destiny in our own hands, it would appear that wonders from the theater of the absurd are destined to remain our lot in this country for nothing else might explain the utter self-contradiction characterising the rabble of daily bread politicians now allied to railroad Alhaji Atiku Abubakar into office against reason and all common sense.

What do we have in the quite shameful cauldron of political hacks and hatchet men who have presently coalesced in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, claiming to have come to save Nigeria through a messiah called Atiku?

So it is the likes of Bukola Saraki, Buba Galadima, Yakubu Dogara, Musa Kwankwaso, Olagunsoye Onyilola, and believe it or not, Olusegun Obasanjo that have become the Moses to lead us to the Promised Land!

Are these not the very men at the forefront of the alliance that drove President Goodluck Jonathan from Aso Rock, calling him all manner of unprintables such as “clueless”?

There must be something spiritually wrong with the PDP or how else are we supposed to interpret a situation in which a supposed political party is voted out of power only for that same party, as if to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that it is a strange contraption without a soul, turns round to give its Presidential ticket to its chief detractor and then to recruit the very people that ensured its exit from power to deliver that archenemy?

What sort of a party can be so brazenly rascally and utterly devoid of discipline that it returns to its own vomit and not only swallows it but proceeds to proclaim such insanity as a masterstroke by making a chief detractor like Saraki its National Leader over former President Jonathan’s head!

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So all these people, who tried to move heaven and Earth to convince us that Jonathan was Satan Incarnate and that Buhari was our messiah have now turned full circle and are now campaigning with the same Jonathan for Atiku, the only man to truly challenge Jonathan within PDP, to replace Buhari whom they all supported to unseat Jonathan!

Haba Alhaji!

Unless these pathologically arrogant people consider the rest of us to be compound fools and we, ourselves, are quite willing to be taken for a ride once again by them, why should any Southerner be so utterly stupid as to vote for a Fulani man like Atiku who would be constitutionally allowed two terms till 2027 to replace Buhari another Fulani man who can constitutionally only rule till 2023 before power returns to the South?

Are these not the very people accusing President Buhari of nepotism and ethnocentrism?

What could possibly cement Fulani hegemony over the rest of us more than the utter insanity of replacing a Fulani man with just one term to go with another who is so desperately hungry for power that you can bet your father’s house that he will certainly insist on completing two terms?

Why should those of us who insist on balance and equity between North and South be so foolish as to subscribe to PDP’s foolhardiness?

Why would those of us who supported Jonathan for a second term, be so soulless as to vote for the same Atiku who roundly insulted him, arrogantly challenged him, and defected to the APC to tirelessly work against Jonathan?

If not that some people are taking us for complete bastards without self pride or sense of history, how can they expect us to replace Buhari with Atiku?

If PDP was indeed a party with a soul, it should have fielded President Jonathan or at any rate someone else from the South!

The leadership of the PDP should know what they do in secret for whatever whomever did to them to work to the extent of blinding their entire party to the grave implications and grievous consequences of the gross indiscretion of making Atiku, of all people, their flag bearer!

Thankfully, not all of us are interested in marabouts or susceptible to remote control.

On the contrary, there are those of us who actually pride ourselves on being eagle eyed all the time while insisting on always seeing clearly come rain, shine, day or night!

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Needless to say, we studiously refuse to be the sort of bastards who heartily invite our late father’s bitterest enemy to come and exercise our mother not only under our departed father’s roof but on his very bed, for that matter!

Whatever good Buhari has to offer, we are familiar with it and will make the best of it. Whatever shortcomings he equally has, we are already used to it and can still put up with it for another four years.

As for one Fulani man replacing another Fulani man for eight more years of Fulani rule (and thus a total of twelve years of unbroken Fulani rule), that is certainly not going to happen in this Nigeria of 2019!

On the contrary, this 2019, Buhari is already a goal! As for Atiku, but for the ever baffling inner workings of the PDP, he should not even have been allowed to enter the stadium, much less participate in the match!

Andrew Osai Eke



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