By Juliet Umeh

Valentine is still in the air. Gifts are still exchanging hands and the red atmosphere that signifies the season of love is pretty here with us. What can actually spoil all the fun is not getting the gifts exactly on 14th February but getting the wrong gift for the right people.

For families even after one week, love still radiates as far as the right home appliances that unite loved ones are in place.

Perhaps, that is why LG Electronics says that this year’s celebration will be better spent with family and friends with unique products that will make home dining and family bonding experience seamless; cleaning stress-free and screen time surreal.

The company says it intends to bring family and friends together this Valentine’s Day by making indoor time more enjoyable.  LG says with some of its products, consumers can use their precious time for what’s really important: strengthening bonds with loved ones.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, Mr. Hari Elluru said: “LG delivers an all-in-one solution to make loved ones feel special, no matter what the occasion. For those who want to put in a little extra effort for Valentine, LG’s ergonomic designs and innovative technology will help our consumers enjoy their Valentine’s Day at the fullest in their comfort zones.

“With more people enjoying being indoors, watching TV is one of the favourite pastimes of couples who prefer quality time at home. LG‘s advancement in TV technology has made TV viewing a memorable one with LG Smart or OLED TV. It can serve as a great Valentine gift which will not only improve the quality of time spent together  with loved ones but also allow them enjoy  great features such as browsing, gaming among other things.

“Again, house cleaning has always been a time-consuming and tedious task. That is why most people prefer to engage the services of house helps. But today, we have  an innovative product that can perfectly take care of the house cleaning without stressing oneself. It is also a perfect Valentine gift for loved ones.

“LG CordZero Cordless Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the right option. LG vacuum cleaners make cleaning easier and also saves time.  The time gained can be spent with family, friends and loved ones,” he added.

The product, according to him, delivers impressive suction power, long-lasting battery life and cordless portability for the quickest and most convenient cleaning experience.

Another product Elluru said was perfect gift for Valentine is the LG premium washing machine.

He said: ” Our  TWINWash is a good gift for Valentine’s Day. It is so efficient that they free up time to spend with others especially during this Valentine.


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