February 16, 2019

Glorious, as Forever Nigeria celebrates 2019 national success day

Glorious, as Forever Nigeria celebrates 2019 national success day

Visiting President, Forever Living Products International, Mr. Gregg Maughan, walking the crowd at the Grandeur Event Centre, Ikeja, at the FLP 2019 National Success Day in Lagos

…As Gregg Maughan visits Nigeria.

…Top Business Owners recognized for their achievement in 2018

By Tony Nwankwo

It was pomp and pageantry in Lagos as Forever Living Products Nigeria held her kick-off National Success Day for the year 2019. The atmosphere was electric, with the presence of the amiable President Forever Living Products International, Mr Gregg Maughan, in the house.

Visiting President, Forever Living Products International, Mr. Gregg Maughan, walking the crowd at the Grandeur Event Centre, Ikeja, at the FLP 2019 National Success Day in Lagos

Gregg has always been the toast of the Forever crowd. “I decided that my first visit to Africa this year must be in Nigeria”, he confessed. Thanks, according to him, to the hard working Forever Nigeria Country Sales Manager, Mr Daniel Ikechukwu, who had been urging him to pay a visit to the Forever Nigeria family.

“I planned the trip to Nigeria because of your Country Sales Manager, Daniel. Daniel wants you to be successful. He wants the success of every member of the Forever Nigeria family. Daniel told me “Nigeria needs you (Gregg)”, and here I am”, he told an excited audience, at the overwhelmed expansive Grandeur Event Centre in Ikeja.

The President, who was heading to a Managers’ Training session in South Africa, said: “I am excited to be here in Nigeria, and this is a great time to be in Forever. You have the potential to do all you want to do, so 2019 can be the best year for you. It can be the best year in your life. That is what we mean when we say `Be Resolute’. If you want a different result in 2019, you need to do things differently. You need to simplify your life and keep focus on what you want to achieve to improve your business”. He however warned the largely young audience: “Don’t let social media dominate your time, don’t let social media dominate your life, rather use it to help your business.”

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He further added: “Think about two things you want to achieve in 2019 and strictly work on them. Evaluate your commitments and make changes where necessary. Evaluate your time too. Evaluate your work tasks by making a list of what your profitable tasks could be and make it a habit. Even if it’s only to contact one person a day, do it.

Above all, personally consume as many products as possible, particularly the Aloe Vera Gel. Drink the Aloe Gel every day and be healthy, Share your skills and teach others the skills they need to be successful. When members of your team are successful, your own business will improve as well”.

Gregg observed that the reason Japan was very successful in the Forever business was because the Japanese Forever Business Owners believed in using the products. There were thousands and thousands who drink litres and litres of Aloe Gel every day. He asked those present to focus on the 4-Core of the Business – Recruitment, Retention, Productivity and Development.

Mr. Gregg Maughan who spoke after the recognition and decoration of Assistant Managers by Daniel Ikechukwu, revealed the reason the Eagle, the noble bird was chosen as the company symbol and logo, advised all to wear the company eagle pin with pride and dignity. “The Eagle was specifically chosen as a symbol for its vision, courage, endurance and ability to nurture.”

The newly inaugurated 2019 Executive Committee members unveiling the new product “Forever Move”, with the FLP Nigeria Country Sales Manager, Mr. Daniel Ikechukwu at the Forever 2019 National Success Day in Lagos.

“An eagle has a great vision and can see for miles, better than other creatures on the planet and an eagle can fly at a speed of 150 miles per hour as it moves to hunt its prey. These are attributes that cannot be lost on a Business Owner.

The other attributes are courage and nurturing and these are important aspects on which a successful Forever business is based. The nurturing spirit of the eagle enables it to protect its young ones and even use its wings to shade them from the cold. If you imbibe this spirit you can nurture your down lines to improve your business”, Gregg, said, adding, “You cannot have all the success you want if you want to do everything yourself”.

Meanwhile, the Vice President Forever Living Products Africa, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Amichia, had advised Nigerian FBOs to love and assist one another as they grow their business in Forever. “We belong to a family and it is important that we share the value of the Forever family”, he said.

Earlier, the Country Sales Manager Forever Nigeria, Mr. Daniel Ikechukwu, had together with a newly inaugurated 2019 Executive Committee members unveiled a new product, ‘Forever Move’. The well-researched product recently introduced by Forever Living Products International serves as a lubricant for the joints of the human body.

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The all natural, specifically patented product of Forever International, supports a healthy range of motions in the body. The product shows results within 7-10 days of use. Forever Move comes at a time of global climate change that has affected the flexibility of every living creature, particularly human. Company sources say Forever Move is not strictly limited for flexible joints but also for the relaxation of the muscles and soothes areas of discomfort in the human body.

In his opening remarks, Daniel Ikechukwu said the 2019 kick-off National Success Day in Lagos was intended to remind and reassure FBOs nationwide that the success and future of their business depended solely on their personal efforts, their determination and hardwork were necessary for the success of their individual businesses. He advised them to utilize the opportunities provided by the company to become healthy and successful even beyond their wildest dreams. “Greatness has not left you”, he assured, adding, “because greatness is always in you”.

Also present at the event were some top Forever Business Owners in Nigeria, including, Dr Clement Idigo, Kikelomo Aiwainehi Apeji, Oma Attah, Victoria Erukunuakpor, Cynthia Ucheaguwa, Ukaamaka Nsugbe, Janet Farouk and so on, many of whom were part of the 2019 Executive Committee, charged to ensure that all company plans for the country make their way down to the Business Owners.