…Her lifestyle, secrets and scandals

By Benjamin Njoku

Daniella Okeke was rarely known to be a controversial figure in the Nigerian entertainment circuit. But the 32-year-old actress instantly became one, after she was romantically linked to Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide, following the latter’s widely-publicized ‘sex scandal’ with a Canada-based lady, Stephanie Otobo.

Daniella Okeke

The Imo State-born actress then was minding her business, and keeping a low profile, having featured in not too many movies as a rising actress. But she suddenly shot to limelight, riding on the crest of controversy. Internet users poked fun at Apostle Suleman after Stephanie revealed to the world that her affair with the cleric involved a lot of sex. And Daniella was also accused of having benefitted from the cleric’s benevolence.

As grievous as the allegation was, the curvaceous actress rather than refute the allegation called Apostle Suleman her father. But the actress cried out when news started flying around that the embattled man of God acquired a N160 million duplex located in Mende Maryland, Lagos and a $76,000 brand-new Mercedes-Benz 450 GL for the actress and that they had been neck deep in a relationship.  “The man of God in question is a father to me but we live in a world where people judge you with their own standard. They said he bought me a Benz Jeep,I don’t own any and I have never owned any. I read that he bought me the car and a house in his name. That’s an insult!!”

“Am I a kid or teenager that a man buys me a ride and a house in his name? It’s very laughable because all my properties are in my name…”

“Aside being a showbiz person,I have a relationship with God. I kept quiet because my lawyer found out it was more than just a stupid rumour or scandal, it became a political and religious fight against my father. There is no ‘relationship’ if what I think you mean is what you actually mean, will you stop talking to your father because people are insinuating and assuming? It’s senseless, he’s still my father and will always be no matter the insinuations or assumption,” the actress said. It marked the beginning of her controversial lifestyle.

Even at that, Daniella was indisputably a big beneficiary of the scandal, not because it brought huge attention to her as a timid and unknown actress but also, as a silently wealth actress who’s living her dream far beyond the expectations of her colleagues in the industry. Before then, Daniella had not featured in many films. At most, she  featured in less than twenty movies including ‘Sleek Ladies’, ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, ‘Stronger Than Pain’, ‘Heart Of a Widow’, ‘Friends or Foes’, “The Johnsons’ (TV drama series), ‘The Boss Is Mine’, ‘My Husband Not Yours’, ‘Luke Of Lies’, yet her name rings bell everywhere.

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Except for her role in the Hon. Desmond Elliot directed movie “Lagos Cougars”, which earned her the Best Actress in a Leading Role nomination at both the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards and 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards, many didn’t expect the curvaceous actress to command the remarkable  attention she got at the time. Some critics have expressed reservations, while many others have ascribed the source of her fame and riches to her beauty and other silent engagements. Aside acting, Daniella has other passions: she’s known to be a collector of expensive automobiles more than any actress in Nollywood. She’s also known for her work of charity. Yes, Daniella may not have been a famous actress, but her life is full of all the luxuries she needs. Some of her close associates once testified that Daniella’s garage features cars such as Mercedes-Benz 450, Range Rover Sport, Lexus SUVs, Land Rover LR3. The actress also confirmed Continues from page 22 the report by showing them off on social media.

In fact, beyond being an actress, a model and fashion icon, Daniella is a social media sensation although some of the things said about her couldn’t be true. The delectable actress is known for creating buzz on social media. She understands the power of beauty and the Imo State-born actress uses it very well on social media.

One recalls when she became a hot topic, after she posted raunchy pictures of herself on social media, which instantly went viral. The curvy actress expressed how she’s a very shy person, while eulogizing herself as a beautiful woman. “When it comes to my sexiness or sexuality, I get very uncomfortable. Surprised? Yeah, but it is the truth. Someone once told me ‘Daniella, God has blessed you with a bad girl image, use it to your advantage…’

“I hardly show off my sexy side because it does make me uncomfortable, but I am making an exception of today because I am a beautiful woman who is blessed and wonderfully made… this is a beautiful picture and if you don’t like it, you are a hater!” , she wrote.

Most times, she has showed that she has more behind her than in front of her with a series of images posted on Instagram.
A case in point was when the 32-year-old visited the iconic Château de Versailles in France and came back with pictures and video of her growing butt, which she kept sharing on the internet. Call her one of the most listed or admired  actresses in the Nigerian movie industry, you may not be wrong. But the actress prefers to call herself , the “chairlady of chop life.” And for those with contrary views, she said: “Go and hug transformer if you don’t like me.

Daniella has always played up her backside as her biggest asset and it does not matter what you think of her. The delectable actress is definitely living her dream in a big way. Though her critics have described her as an attention seeker, it goes beyond that. Her crave for stardom, like many of her colleagues has left her with no private space.

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Daniella’s controversial nature became more pronounced after she called on men to learn how to love their women in order to enjoy a healthy relationship. In her letter to men, Daniella suggested that men should always appreciate their women because this goes a long way to win their hearts.

From her letter, it was obvious, the actress knows too well that stories about sex sell and that’s why she’s stopping at nothing to be in the news at all times. At every given opportunity, she’s attracting attention with her endowments. If she’s not uploading stunning photos and videos of herself, showing off her assets on social media, she’s creating buzz on the red-carpet with her exotic fashion sense.


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