IJAW opinion leader and political analyst, Dr. Clarkson Aribogha, has said that there is a subsisting power rotation arrangement among the three senatorial districts of Delta State, which was put in place by the political leaders.

Clarkson Aribogha,

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Aribogha, who disclosed this in an interview, called on  All Progressives Congress, APC, governorship candidate in Delta State, Chief Great Ogboru, aka People’s General, who had lost in his five attempts so far to rule the state,  to respect the zoning arrangement in the state by withdrawing from the race.

His words: “My candid advice to Chief Ogboru is that he should withdraw from the race and embark on internal reconciliatory moves with his fellow party members who he has offended.

“He should be doing internal reconciliatory moves so that by the time it comes to the turn of Urhobos after Okowa’s second tenure, he will be surprised that his people (Urhobo) will pick him as their man and he will get the governorship on a platter of gold.

“Unfortunately, he is always taking wrong steps, hence he always fails. No doubt he may have stepped on a lot of toes and the only way out now is to embark on reconciliatory movement, but not the way he is going about getting the governorship position. This is a draconian step he is taking; it is a dangerous trend; he cannot get the governorship by hook or crook.

“He should correct his mistakes before any other thing so that he will not fall again. A good fighter must conduct good reaction because if he fights and runs away, he will surely live to fight another day. In retrospect, a lot of persons have died; maimed for life and many others have become poor for fighting for Ogboru since he started contesting the governorship election,” Aribogha said.

He added: “In retrospect, Chief James Ibori from Delta Central Senatorial District (Urhobo) came in as governor for eight years, after that, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan from Delta South Senatorial District (Ijaw, Itsekiri, Isoko) came on board for two tenures of eight years and now, it is the turn of Delta North Senatorial District that produced Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the incumbent governor, who is almost finishing his first tenure.”

Okowa has performed well

According to him, “What we are saying is that Okowa from Delta North should be allowed to complete his second tenure of eight years for peace to reign. For record purpose, nobody has accused Governor Okowa of mismanaging the state’s funds and nobody has also accused him of non-performance.

“Based on this fact, I plead passionately with Chief Ogboru and other Deltans to allow Okowa complete his second tenure like other past governors from Delta Central and South Senatorial districts, who did their two tenures without hitch,” he said.

The Ijaw leader asserted, “I am not talking on party level, rather, I do not want this workable system to be truncated by selfish and power hungry politicians. My contention is that we should allow Governor Okowa to complete his second term, then after that, it can go to another ethnic group in the state.

“In fact, we should follow due process in anything we are doing. Above all, a good candidate, no matter where he comes from will largely be accepted by the people,” he said.

Ogboru not better than others

Asked why it should not be the other way round, that is he requesting Okowa to give way for Ogboru, who had contested and lost five times consecutively, he said: “That is not the issue, my strong appeal to Chief Ogboru not to break this planned arrangement because any attempt to do otherwise will not augur well. For instance, if he brings both external and internal forces to fight, his own house and people will be a sad story.

“My submission is that the laid down objective of rotational system be maintained at all cost. Again, Ogboru usually come late, he does not believe in coming early, rather he will come late and try to hijack the party already formed by people. He usually joins the party that has already been formed and he wants to be the governorship candidate.

“If I may ask, are the people he met on ground not human beings or are they not interested in becoming governors of the state? I don’t know the reason why he always does that. By his action, he is indirectly saying that the people he met on ground are not competent to be governorship candidates.

“For example, he jumped from his former party and joined APC and decided to pick the governorship ticket to the detriment of the people he met on ground. Is he saying that the people he met are not competent and educated? Why does he think that he is the most competent person to fly the party’s flag? Honestly, I do not see the criterion that is making him to be over ambitious.

“It is a wrong thing for Ogboru to believe he is superior to others. Because of Ogboru’s over ambitious attitude, majority of top Urhobo politicians, who wanted to join APC have all withdrawn. I dare say that nobody should accuse Ibori of any anti-party activity because if he was not good and cutting across the entire ethnic groups, he would not have the respect people are giving him today,” he said.

Aribogha asserted: “It is a common knowledge that when one is growing in life, he does not think only about himself; in fact, you become a father to everybody. But those who are thinking of themselves suffer humiliation in the end; people will be running away from that person. The truth is that what Ogboru is doing now may be retrogressive and will not be able to bear the consequence. Remember the axiom that says, what goes around, comes around.”

Not too late to quit

Asked if it was not too late for him to offer such advice to Ogboru, he said: “No, it is not too late, rather he should appeal to his followers and let them have the understanding and ensure he (Ogboru) has a change of heart.”


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