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Why don’t women find me attractive?

Dear Bunmi,

I’m in my mid 40s and need to know how to be more successful with women.

When I think about women, it isn’t only for sex but desperation to find some tenderness in a relationship. I’ve hardly ever known this. Even as a child, I was raised by a mother who didn’t show us that much love.

I am a graduate, polite and caring and resent this unkind attitude women have towards me. They either ignore me or treat me very casually. Even though I’m big, tall and not ugly, women don’t seem to fancy me.

In spite of the education, I haven’t really been that successful in life and I believe this is why they don’t fancy me.

The few I’ve had dropped me as soon as they realised I wasn’t a cash register.

It’s obvious that women are really interested in a relationship because of the money they can get out of it. My life has been horribly desolate and I have a low self-esteem. Is there a way out of my situation?

Why is he showing a lot of interest in my daughter?

Samuel, by e-mail.

Dear Samuel,

A woman will eagerly give her affection to a man who is penniless if he offers her passion, protection and love. Instead, you seem to be on an endless search for the love you felt your mother denied you.

This sends the message that you are someone who, although gentle and nice, has litlle to give. Also, the anger you feel towards women because you have been unable to win their affection shines through. That’s why they turn away.

Your childhood greatly influences you, but it doesn’t dictate the adult you become.

So, push aside the urge to measure your worth by the love you receive from women, take stock of the person you are and learn to love yourself.

Then ask yourself: ‘In what sense am I a failure?’ Our worth is measured not by money but in the love we give to ourselves and others. You’ll soon discover that women are attracted to a self-confident man.

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