Kaduna – Plateau State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Prof. Clement Dakas has called for greater investment in the education to guarantee brighter future for young men and women in Northern Nigeria and end restiveness.

Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ahmadu Bello – founding fathers of Nigeria

Dakas said on Wednesday in Kaduna during the annual Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Lecture that the region must collectively confront challenge to arrest growing unrests and criminality.

He said, “if we want a bright future for our children and other generations to come to reality, we must make greater investments in the education of our young men and women.

“For us in the northern part of the country, there is a greater challenge when its comes to girl child education”.

He noted that in the past 53 years since the assassination of Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Northern region has transformed into the poverty capital of Nigeria.
“What will Sir Ahmadu Bello think about some of the very tragic developments that are unfolding from Benue, Plateau, Zamfara and Sokoto which are literally under siege”.

Dakas also expressed dismay on the State of the economy of the region, saying, “what will he think about the subject of corruption, the lack of will power from political leaders and also the state of social economic relations in the region.

“I am tempted to think he will unfortunately not want to be associated with the current situation in the region.

“If people die, we often say let him rest in peace, but if you are a leader of standing of Sir Ahmadu Bello who had the previlege of being the first and only premier of northern Nigeria and given his vision for northern Nigeria, he wouldn’t be happy”.
He stressed the need for political leaders in the North to salvage the situation by emulating the legacies of the late Sardauna and advance the economic, social and political interest of the North above their selfish interests.

The commissioner added that the leaders must mentor younger generation of Northerners to chart new course to extricate the region from its present state of underdevelopment.

He expressed sadness that other regions view the North as on dragging the Country backward, saying that current leaders must do things differently to advance the future of the region.

He lamented that, though Sir Ahmadu Bello Foundation, organisers of the lecture, was established in collaboration of Northern Governors Forum, not a single governor was present at the event meant to celebrate the late premier.

On his part, the Chairman, Board of Trustee, Ahmadu Bello Foundation, Alhaji Babangida Aliyu said the aim of the event was to remind Nigerians on the good deeds of the late premier to serve as inspiration to young northerners.

Aliyu said “the remembrance of the premier who died in the past 53 years is because of the role he played as a leader in the areas of security and welfare of his people. We are experiencing set backs today due to lack of adherance of his legacies”.

While relating to the topic, Aliyu noted that in the search for adequate and right system of government was to help in bringing out the strength and weakness of the present Constitutions and make amends.

“It’s often said that in the parliamentary system, the party is important and has decisive factor at all times unlike the presidential system where elections is relegated and candidates become more important “.

News Agency of Nigeria reports that the foundation will be honouring some distinguished Nigerians in line with the ideals of late icon Sir Ahmadu Bello.

Those to be honoured include retired Justice Muhammed Uwais, Iman Alhaji Abdullahi, Archbishop Josiah Idewo Fearon, Dr Lateef Sheik and Chief of Moroa, Dr Tagwai Sambo.(NAN)


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