Dear Bunmi,

I am a general manager in a manufacturing company. Recently, a very handsome man joined the company from a rival company. He is married and I am separated and have three children.

This new bloke works directly under me as a full manager. We have a fairly good rapport and we even eat lunch together at times. I have met his wife and she is quite respectful to me.


Lately, he’s starting to be more bold towards me and it is a matter of time before he makes a pass. I would be more than willing if this eventually happened. But should I get sexually involved with someone under my control?

Latifat, by e-mail

Dear Latifat,

Looks as if you’re living a bit on the edge to me! Some companies actually frown at office affairs as co-workers are likely to complain about a negative impact on morale when a relationship is between boss and subordinate.

And if the relationship should end, your staff could easily accuse you of sexual harassment when he is given unfavourable assessment because of your perceived hard feelings.

Even if the relationship thrives, co-workers might question your orders in a way they never did before. As good as this apple looks, it is absolutely forbidden!

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