Rising state of poverty: Abandonment of agriculture (2)

Last week I stated why it is imperative that the agricultural sector be revived if any meaningful result is to be achieved in fighting the poverty and the growing divide between the rich and the poor. However, it is a notorious fact that almost everyone in Nigeria, particularly youths are not interested and do not want to engage in farming any longer. Most youths and unemployed graduates are only interested in white collar office jobs, and for the most part, these jobs are no longer available as in the past. Most local, state and federal government ministries and parastatals have stopped employment and, and majority of the industries and multinational organizations have shipped their bases to other countries. We are now confronted with unemployment of immense proportion, especially among our youth. The stark reality in the face of the economic downtown in the country due to the extreme shortfall in oil revenue is that we have to go back to the land and resuscitate the old glory of agriculture that has provided jobs and food for our forebears prior to the misguided pursuit of oil wealth. However there are enormous problems to be surmounted in order to revive the lost glory of agriculture in Nigeria. These problems include but are not limited to the following: