When you want to make big sales for your company, the first thing that comes to mind is exposure. Hitting a place where you can find potential prospects and meet larger companies helps your business in learning and development. It’s what will help you get more ROI and sales over the long run.

5 Major Events You Can Go For

Looking to go to events where you can build brand credibility and do more? In this article we will bring to your attention five major types of events that you can opt for in event marketing. These are events where you will be able to meet a larger group of competitors, probable customer and even critics.

1. Networking Sessions–Given that every business person is aware of the significance that networking holds, it is one of the most important parts of marketing and growth. You won’t need professional speakers at these events. Also there are multiple online platforms for people in the same field to talk and discuss ongoing developments and issues. These forums are a great form of networking. Some platforms that are commonly used are Meetup and Vineyard.

2. Workshops and Master Classes – If you are trying to grow your business and want to bring customers to your shop, you can try obtaining a guest speaker and add in free classes.

Later you can provide these customers with a discount to increase sales at first and then get back to normal. These kinds of workshops and classes generally work well for businesses that sell products concerning usage: sewing machines, ovens, drilling tools, painting tools, etc. If yours is a consumable item, this will not really serve the purpose. While providing your potential prospects with such workshops and classes, your major expense will be to pay the speaker’s fee and travel expenses.

3. Event Sponsorships – Sponsorships are a form of event marketing but not exactly. Rather, it would be better to say that sponsorship with more than just a logo everywhere at the event is an event marketing.

Sponsoring an event doesn’t really have to be just the logo. You can occupy a small space as a go-to counter at the event you sponsor for any query regarding your product or services. This way, people are able to interact with you about your product, and meanwhile you’ll be collecting your possible customer’s information and contact details for further business. Handing out freebies to those who visit your counter is a great way of starting another connection with your customer.

4. Trade Shows – Trade shows are exhibitions that happens in either an open space or a massive hall. These exhibitions are one of the best ways to reach out to people and turn them into real customers. These are considered to be a place where companies can exhibit, demonstrate and showcase their products or services in-person. Along with many other booths, your booth will also occupy a space in the hall or open ground and there are trade show exhibit rentals available out there if your company doesn’t own a booth.

It is basically an opportunity for both the company and its customers by providing both an exposure to each other. Be sure and research the skills to make such trade shows a success, there is no way one will come out without making at least a good number of heavy hitting leads.

5. Festivals and Parties – When we say party, it’s all fun! So why not use that fun element to give your potential customers a great experience to remember? A B2B (business to business) event will have more focused audience-like partners, customers and prospects However, B2C (business to consumer) will cater to a much larger audience – ideal for brand awareness.

Festivals can be a small event that will address the local community, and are totally open to anyone who wishes to attend. Unlike the B2C parties, there is no entry charge. One major reason to organize a party is a product launch. Along with celebrating the success of a product launch, you can invite potential customers, loyal customers and partners. That helps in branding and also in building a better relationship with your customers. It is like sharing your success with the people behind it!

The number of opportunities are not limited to just these five. By combining the types of events, you can very much create a unique event of your own that suits your business needs. However, when you choose one marketing or branding option you need to be mindful of your budget, your team size and experience.

Start small, keep checking what works best and then grow gradually. As your company’s reputation grows, you’ll also see that your attendees list will start to remain the same along with few more to add. That’s the kind of branding and relationship with customers you’ll need to focus on.

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