January 13, 2019

People thought I was on suicide mission the first time I climbed Erinmo spiritual mountain —Prophet Abraham Ojo

People thought I was on suicide mission the first time I climbed Erinmo spiritual mountain —Prophet Abraham Ojo

By Chris Onuoha

Prophet Olubiyo Abraham Ojo is the founder of the Mountain of Possibilities (Ori-Oke Ko Seunti) in Erinmo-Ijesha. The Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) pastor discovered the Ori-Oke Ko Seunti about two decades ago. Mountain of Possibilities is among the five spiritual mountains in Erinmo. Ojo reveals, in this interview, that the mount climbing is faith based and not a picnic or funfair.


My former name is Muritala and from a Muslim background but my father later became a Christian and a prophet in Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). When I started worshipping in CAC as a youth in Lagos, I decided to change my name to reflect my new faith and what came to my mind was Abraham. I picked the name without even knowing the meaning, and it was not given to me by any pastor or even my father. It was later when I became a bible student at seminary school that I discovered the true meaning of the name as the ‘father of nations’.

On Erinmo spiritual mountains

I founded the Mountain of Possibilities in Erinmo-Ijesha. Erinmo is surrounded by mountains which are not ordinary but possess spiritual powers from God to heal and answer prayers. The spiritual potency of the mountains existed from creation but was later discovered by men of God through divine directives. The Mountain of Possibilities, which I discovered about 20 years ago, is now popular across the globe because of the number of people that come here for prayers. I have been to Jerusalem in Israel and have not seen the kind of mountains we have here in Erinmo land. It is a blessing from God.

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On the Mountain of Possibilities, there are so many embedded images which are not common among other mountains in Nigeria. You will see Jesus image on the rock, Moses staff rod, Ark of Noah and other things including the map of Nigeria and Africa.   At the entrance of the mountain before climbing, you will notice a bible with a cross. When you get to the top, you will see the map of Abuja, and that of Nigeria and also a place like a palace and a tongue, naturally embedded on the floor. I was the first to discover all these because no one had ever taken notice of it in a spiritual manner.

How did you discover all these? Is it that you accidently bumped into them or you were on a spiritual mission?

I was led by the spirit of God. While on the mountain, as I was praying, many things start revealing themselves. This discovery was very mystic because I did not have the intention of looking out for any of those signs. Other things were discovered but not as religiously important as these images that represent the presence of God on Erinmo mountains. It was on April 16, 1998 that I found myself on the mountain, and it is also interesting to know that the first attempt on the mountain was not for such discovery, rather in search of fruits to take to school as I was in seminary school then.

Before then, people had gone up to the top, mainly hunters on hunting expedition. Others were farmers who cultivated around the mountain but no one had ever made such discovery in that direction, nor seen any image that sparked spiritual interest. While climbing, some farmers who saw me were disturbed, saying it was suicidal to climb the mountain. The courage to get to the top was from God and it took me several days to get there. On the last attempt after I finally made it, I heaved a sigh of relief and rested for a while before looking for the fruits that took me up. Ordinarily, people will fast and pray for such things to be revealed to them but mine was just a hunting expedition that turned out to be a spiritual drive.

The second discovery happened on February 16, 1999. God took me up this time through divine inspiration as a prophet. My spiritual eyes became open and my first discovery when the images became clear was the Moses’ Ten Commandment plaque. I also saw Virgin Mary’s image and the fish that swallowed Jonah on the rock. Most of the images were embedded on the wall of the rock while some were seen on the floor at the mountain top.

How and when did you name it the Mountain of Possibilities?

This was spirit led. The mountain was named the Mountain of Possibilities when I noticed that the discovery made everything possible in my life. After finishing at seminary school and as a prophet, I worshipped on a small hill that I named ‘Mount Make My Life Better’ but, after the discovery, God asked me to move my worshipping centre to the mountain. When I moved to this mountain, the revelations and things that happened to me made me call it the Mountain of Possibilities.   Everything I wanted in life became possible, and that eventually turned my name to KoSeunti’.   I believe that there is nothing impossible for God to do through prayers and faith. It is a prayer mountain for all nations now. People all over the world come here for spiritual rebirth and connections and spiritual tourism. The visitors give testimonies of answered prayers. Sometimes, the crowd will be so large and uncontrollable.

What does it really take for someone to come to the mountain?

It does not take anyone anything to come to the mountain. When you have problems and believe that the problems need to be solved, you come to the mountain for prayers, and when you come here with all your heart, God will answer your prayers. On the mountain, we don’t tell people to bring anything for prayers. You just come and pray to God for your prayers to be answered.

It is a mountain of possibilities that answers prayers. Has there been any case of someone who could not be healed after visiting the mountain?

Many people with diverse illnesses have come and received their healing here. When they come, God answers their prayers; we don’t perform any magic or assemblage of any physical objects for atonement. We only offer prayers and follow God’s direction to get a person healed. We have never told anyone to bring any object for miracle performance! The only thing we do sometimes is to ask a sick person to get down to the base of the mountain and fetch water which we bless for drinking or bath for healing.

How long does it take to get healed while on the mountain?

We do not determine that because we are not God. Somebody may come right away and get his healing. Someone who is determined, that has prayed over his problem before coming can get his healing just after seeing the mountain from the bottom without even climbing. It is faith at work. Someone can also be here for a week or even months and yet, would not get answered prayer. It all depends on your faith and what you believe God can do for you. But I hardly see anyone who takes the pain of climbing the mountain without answered prayers because this mountain is a place of all possibilities. There was a case of a man who could not pass excreta for seven days, and when he came here, I prayed for him and told him to walk around the mountain for seven times. He did and, at the end, he rushed to a corner of the mountain and defecated heavily.

The mountain is very difficult to climb. How do sick people do it?

They must come on their own. It is a spiritual mountain and not a picnic centre. Nobody lifts anyone up to the mountain because it is a faith race which is individually based. There was just a rare case of a woman who was bedridden, but came here for prayers. She was nearly dead and was brought in a baby mattress. She was helped up to the mountain top by four persons who brought her, and after seven-day intensive prayers, she got up by herself, walked around and went down the mountain by herself. That is God at work, and this happened when people climbed to get to the mountain top. But now we have constructed steps to the top.

People assume that healing is assured when they come to the mountain. How true is that?

No! It is not everybody that goes to the mountain for prayers that gets healed. If you believe, you will get your healing, but if you come to witness what is happening without faith, only God can decide what to do with you and not the mountain. There was a case of a woman who came from Ado Ekiti and could not climb. She called me and said, “Baba, I am at the base. I can’t climb the mountain o. It is too high.” And I told her to find somewhere to sleep and come up when she regained her strength. She obeyed and met her needs here. Like I said before, it is faith based and it is not everyone that comes here that receives healing. The mountain is very high. It takes some people almost one hour to get to the top while some can spend between 15 to 30 minutes. It is a faith race.

Why is Erinmo particularly blessed with these spiritual mountains?

It is God’s work. Other towns around us have hills and mountains and none has been discovered to be spiritually effective like Erinmo mountains.

Are you saying that Erinmo ancestors were strong believers?

Much as I cannot say about the ancestors but history has it that the founder of Erinmo, Oba Agidiyan, was converted to Christianity and renamed Solomon by the colonialists. After him, all the descendants of Erinmo became Christians and still practice the religion till date. The Agidiyan was respected by the people and called the shepherd of Erinmo. His early encounter with Christianity helped the people of Erinmo to develop interest in worshiping God and that can be attested by how Erinmo people lived their lives even with their neighbours.