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Outcome of chat with author of book proposing new system of government

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Odion Obumese, proponent of Tradocracy, a new system of government, has shed more light on his idea. Tradocracy, he says, is a system that will root out money politics in electoral competition. Money politics prevents competent and capable persons from competing for political positions. Sovereign electoral commission in Tradocracy shall have logistics and structures for free electoral competition.

Odion Obumese

Electoral contest shall involve electoral examination and debate. Election shall be scored on the basis of 50 per cent; 25 per cent for electoral examination, and 25 per cent for electoral debate. The candidate with the highest score wins the post. Allocation of the whole 100 per cent to votes cast in an election inevitably leads to election of mediocre because sometimes people vote based on blood line and religious affiliation and not for competency.

The author further explains that Tradocracy shall operate two legislative chambers: the Upper House and Lower House. The Upper House may be the Senate if the country or state is not a monarchy. But if the country is predominantly a monarchy, the Upper House of Legislature shall be House of Peace and the representatives of the House of Peace shall be traditional kings or queens that have at least school certificate.

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Note that the Senate or House of Peace cannot exist at the same time. A country shall choose whether to operate the Senate or the House of Peace based on the culture and tradition of a state. If the Senate exists, the House of Peace cannot exist and vice-versa because they are both upper arms of the legislature.

However, there shall be a Lower Arm of the Legislature alongside the Upper Arm. Representatives of the Lower Arm (House of Progress) come from the public. The Upper Arm of the Legislature shall elect a national leader (Onojie) next to the President. There shall be no Vice- President. The national leader shall have executive mandate and will control traditional ministries like Ministry of Agriculture, Arts and Culture, Health and Ministry of Police Affairs. All other ministries, including the Treasury Department and Central Bank, will be under the control of the President.

Governor of the Department of Morality shall sign into law all electoral bills made by Electoral Legislative Assembly. Government or Parliament does not make law for the Electoral Commission, and the Department of Morality shall evaluate the performance of the Executive, from the post of president to the least, every five years to ascertain whether they will continue in office or not.

Evaluation of performance is different from impeachment in the sense that impeachment comes as a result of gross misconduct. It is the responsibility of the Legislature to impeach. Evaluation of performance does not deny the affected officer his or her entitlement.

In Tradocracy, all professions constitute an arm of government: Researchure, but in democracy, a single profession (law) is an arm of government which is the Judiciary.

Any individual can become president in Tradocracy because the system discourages money politics unlike in democracy where only the rich and middle class can become president.


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