January 25, 2019

OKOWA: The Right Candidate

OKOWA: The Right Candidate

By Barr Theodora Azinge

Delta State has never had it this good for a long time talking about governorship without any fear of equivocation on all fronts, Governor Okowa is ahead of all others in terms of infrastructure, Provision of hospitals and Educational institutions etc. The state made giant strides; no wonder people gave him a name “The Road Master”.

Except you are in Delta state, you will not understand how the people came by that name. The simple reason which all Deltans can testify to is the massive roads construction in all three senatorial districts.

As a matter of fact, if anyone is to use that as an index, you might not be able to say which is his own senatorial district is because his presence in all the three senatorial district is unimaginable. | came across the home of the main contender of the gubernatorial seat (APC] and the man didn’t seem to know any other name but Okowa — The Right Candidate.

In line with his smart agenda on wealth and Job creation {Poverty Alleviation), He has given poverty a hot chase out of Delta state. He has transformed lives and empowered a good number of farmers, market men and women, butchers, youths etc by giving them loans and grants. A lot of free training was done on skills and acquisition which the youth benefited hugely from.

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This has drastically reduced employment index. It is common knowledge that there is a significant drop in crime because most youths are now constructively engaged. He is a seasoned politician of a different breed. In a country where most politicians are known to make empty promises, here is a man who has fulfilled all his electoral promises. We hail our Action Governor Ekwueme! Talk na do! What a Befitting title he holds.

I can only imagine what Delta state will become if this illustrious son of our state is in the saddle of another 4 years. As a matter of fact, | cannot imagine otherwise as that will mean a lot of retrogression for the state. God forbid!

| therefore appeal to all Deltans in the interest of our Great state, Children born and unborn to kindly cast their votes for His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa whom l have no fear to call The Chosen one of God come March 2nd, 2019 to enable him perfect that which GOD has started using him to do in Delta state. Okowa dey work — We dey see am. Prosperity for all Deltans is Real o.

Please vote wisely.

God bless Delta State