…Speaks on obedience as key to God’s blessings

By Tope Adegbola and Seun Olaleye

During a three-day ministration with members of Gospel Faith Mission International, GOFAMINT, King’s Assembly, Ikorodu, Pastor Femi Omowunmi, General Secretary of the mission, spoke to Sunday Vanguard on blessings arising from obedience.

From left: Ikorodu District Pastor, Pastor Tunde Akintaju; GOFAMINT General Secretary, Pastor Omowunmi; his wife, Kemi, and resident pastor of King’s Assembly, Pastor Tunde Moradeyo, during the three-day ministration.

What does it mean to be obedient?

First, in GOFAMIMT, we observe 30 days of fasting and prayer which began about three decades ago. We observe this every year beginning from January 2 to the 31st. We call it Victory Month. It’s a way to commit the whole year into God’s hands and He has remained faithful. The program started in the late ’80s and the purpose is to seek the face of God.

The theme for this year’s Victory Month is ‘The Blessings of Obedience’. Our General Overseer told us that this is the time that God will reward our obedience and faithfulness with blessings. Whenever God sees an obedient heart, He activates the protocols of blessings. Therefore, obedience is what makes result generating power available at the place of prayer.

To be obedient means to pay the sacrifice. It produces uprightness and righteousness. It can also be considered as the master key that opens the flood gates of answered prayers. Deut. 27:1-2 says, “Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments which I command you today, that the Lord your God will set you above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you because you obey the voice of the Lord your God. “

How and when did you become the third person in the hierarchy of the church?

I was appointed in October 2015. The leaders of the church prayed and God laid it in their hearts to make me the General Secretary. I was reluctant about it; I was working as a press officer at the US embassy. It was not easy for me to give up my job, but l had to obey God’s calling. After I was told, I prayed about it and l was then convinced to take up the task. I didn’t see it as a high post. I took it as a duty to obey God’s call. After getting there, I discovered I had so much to do than I ever fathomed.   It was a call to service.

What can you tell us about GOFAMINT?

GOFAMINT is a church with the Word for the world. We are committed to soul winning. In fact, we are sold out to evangelism. We believe totally in the Word of God. We are a Bible believing, Pentecostal church that preaches, believes and acts on the Word of God.

What do you say about Christians who claim to be holy, but due to struggles of life and modernization, they find it difficult to win souls for Christ?

As we can see in the Bible, if you obedient to the Lord, you shall eat the fruit of the land like Abraham. Abraham obeyed the Lord fully and he was blessed beyond measure. You can’t claim to be righteous without doing the work of evangelism. You can’t exhibit partial obedience and claim to obey God. If we can be obedient to the Lord, we will enjoy God’s blessings spiritually, financially, materially, physically. Some Christians disobey God and they still pray to the same God to bless them. It does not work that way. Disobedience is a sin and God hates sin, so we must do all our best to obey God always.

These days, we are too engrossed with our personal businesses and work. In the olden days, people were so committed to evangelism like Pa R.A George (GOFAMINT founder), Baba Akapo and many more who engaged themselves in evangelism but the reverse is the case these days. I pray that God will forgive and revive us in Jesus name.

Apart from the coming of Jesus, death is inevitable, so let’s take the issue of evangelism seriously because it’s the work of our heavenly Father.

Advise for your members in the new year and as we approach general elections?

As we know that on February 16, general elections will hold. Let’s try to get our PVCs and vote for the right candidates. Do not sell your vote but vote for your choice and go back home. If you sell your voter’s card, you sell your future. And I pray that the elections will be peaceful. We are Christians and not thugs; we should not be involved in any form of violence.


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