Oyinkansola Alabi is the principal coach of Emotions city, an emotions coaching and consulting firm. The company works with leaders of various arms of government and NGOs, as well as business and institution leaders at all levels, using original, homegrown research and principle-based methodologies.

Oyinkansola Alabi

In this chat with Esther Onyegbula, she talks about how emotional intelligence and skills increase productivity, happiness and profitability; the increasing rate of depression and why so many people are committing suicide.

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What makes you different from every other woman?

My authenticity is my differentiating factor. Authenticity means how deep you are true to yourself. My authenticity helps me walk my talk.

What do you consider the strongest point in a woman?

A woman’s strongest point is her soul, her energy, her voice, her authenticity. An attack on her soul, is an attack on her essence.

How and at what point in your life did you discover your chosen field?

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I have always known that I was created to give life where death looms, I, however didn’t know the fragrance or flavour of problems I was created to solve. I love where I am now and the role I play as the emotions Doctor. I am also willing and available to embark on the next chapter of my life.

What are you working on presently?

Our newest project is called the Midnight Listeners, a coaching and therapy platform that runs at midnight in Nigeria. So while others close for the day, we run a 24-hour mental and emotional hub. We are also the first round-the-clock mental hub in Africa.

How is your career impacting on the society?

I am thankful that I am presently regarded as one of the leading voices in mental health in Nigeria. I am also consumed by the passion to equip more people with tools on how to increase their productivity, happiness and profitability.

You run the first emotional intelligence founded by a woman. How does it make you feel being a female pioneer of such?

Quite frankly, I didn’t even know I was the first woman to premier an Emotional Intelligence Academy affiliated with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network USA until I was told.

I am consumed by the desire to help individuals and organisations learn how to attain emotional stability, increase their productivity, deepen their peace and increase profitability. So I will keep initiating projects that drive the truth about the fact that emotions drive people, people drive performance.

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You recently launched the free counselling line and giving free counselling to those who need closure and therapy, what inspired this move?

Since the government is yet to take full responsibility for the mental health industry or create a mental health portfolio, we, the mental health practitioners, have to keep creating and sustaining mental health projects and platforms.

Following your chosen field, do you cover all ages or it’s specifically for certain ages?

We serve the rich, the poor, the vulnerable, outcasts and everyone. As long as you have a soul, Emotions City is willing and available to listen to you and help you solve your emotional instabilities.

What are the challenges you usually encounter in your field?

I am in a field plagued my men. Men who have been programmed to think it’s their birth right to lead. Men who support other men and will choose other men before they remember women exist.

They do this not because they hate women but because they have been scripted to reach out to other men before women.

The second interesting challenge is that some clients feel it is your responsibility to serve them for free once they reach out to you. Most of them haven’t been trained to take responsibility for their mental health.

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