January 7, 2019

Global Citizen Series Comes To Africa: Habila Malgwi

Global Citizen Series Comes To Africa: Habila Malgwi

Habila Malgwi

Arton Capital’s global citizen series are events organized in different parts of the world with the aim of bringing together global citizens educating them on the latest development going on in the citizenship by investment industry.

Habila Malgwi

The series was launched last year and has toured over 5 cities already drawing so much traction and keeping the world busy with the migration investment topic. Arton Capital has continued to prove that they are the leaders in this industry with the huge success of the GCS in Beijing, Shanghai and now going to Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. There is now so much demand for this to come to Africa.

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According to Mr. Habila Malgwi, Arton Capital’s Director of Business for East and West Africa, the company is already making plans to bring the series to Africa first time ever starting from Nigeria. Arton Capital is a global financial firm that specializes in the Citizenship by Investment program with over 12 Programs. The company’s achievements in 2018 goes a long way. One significant achievement is the passport Index tool ( that ranked the United Arab Emirates the most powerful passport in the world.

Mr. Malgwi reiterated on the company’s efforts in assisting nations and individuals achieve their goals both humanly and economically.

“Africa has always been our place of interest and it is important for you to know that we enjoy doing business in Africa as we see it as a very big market for our industry with so much potentials in it. The Global Citizen series will help solve so many unanswered questions in the mind of many investors/individuals as we will be bringing a world-class advisory service right to their door steps where they will have an opportunity of meeting one on one with me and my colleagues to discuss and find a solution to their mobility challenges. It is important that people know the whole process, and this is what we intend to do. Once an individual’s mobility challenge is solved, every other thing falls in place”, Mr. Malgwi said.

Speaking further, he said, “I have also made it clear so many times that we are on a mission to empower global citizens and this starts by advocating best practices and embracing our responsibilities as industry leaders.”

When asked when the series will come to Africa, Mr. Habila Malgwi said, “we have not fixed an exact date yet as there are so many logistics that needs to be put in place. We take pride in our events as a world-class organization. However, our team has already started plans and before mid-year the first Africa series will commence.”