Ifeanyi RaymondStudent

It does not doesn’t depict the level of acceptance by the people. Nigerian would go to such rallies for there financial benefits. To buttress my point, everyone yells for a new messiah to save the diminishing glory of the country yet wants a kobo in their pockets. Nigerians can shock you!

Buhari in Minna

Mr Alaiyo HR Inspiration FM

No, the crowd doesn’t show the level of acceptance. What the crowd is after, is the possible of sharing the money because people are poor and hungry. The crowd know the right candidate but it is the candidate that gives them more money they will vote for.

Atiku in Kaduna

Godknows Anita, Student

I don’t think the crowd at campaign rallies will determine who wins the election because it is likely that most of the people are not registered voters which is the most important factor in determining who actually wins the election.

Joshua Oshioke, media personnel

The crows  are there for what they will get and not because they are concerned. There is a large percentage of registered voters who do not have the time to attend campaign rallies due to their daily schedules, so the crowd at rallies cannot be used to measure who wins.

Miss Ejiro Ayadju. Business woman

Crowd is not a reflection of support for candidate. From example, we have seen places where the crowds were induced by money, People attend rallies for different reasons. It doesn’t mean that those crowd will actually vote for those candidates.

Akanni Femi, Businessman

The crowd at every political rally does not depict electorates prefer a particular candidate. It does not show their level of acceptance. Most of the crowd attend the rally because the organisers promised them money at the end of the programme.

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