January 15, 2019

Bishop to INEC: Make PVCs available for voters

Cardinal Adewale Martins

By Prince Okafor

The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos State, Adewale Martin, has called on Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to speed up the process of issuing Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, to eligible Nigerian voters.

Cardinal Adewale Martins


The Catholic Bishop made this known during the dedication of the new church building at St. John Catholic Church, Igando, Lagos State.

Speaking on the sideline of the event, he said: “We know that at this point in time, many people have not yet received their voters’ cards, despite everything that INEC is telling us.

“We need to ask INEC to ensure that it truly makes the ground levelled for people to vote in terms of ensuring their voters’ cards are available before elections and ensuring that the election environment is conducive for people to vote.  These are some of the things one might be thinking about at this time.

“We consider the elections very vital for our nation at this point in time, because we know that there have been so many factors, which give concern to many Nigerians and so people have to really ensure that in voting, they vote for people who they can in their heart of hearts, trust to take care of their needs and various concerns that are extremely important.

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“Nigerians should ensure they do not vote because of money inducement, or simply because we came from the same place but rather vote for the quality of the person and because of the values the person is proposing to show when he gets into power.”

On his part, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr Christian Echewodo, urged youths to be focused and not allow themselves to be used and dumped by politicians.

He advised that youth shun thuggery and not allow any politician to ruin their future.

The priest also said the consecration of a church building marked an important moment in the life of any worshipping community.