By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor

The United Kingdom chapter of Waziri Frontiers Network (WFN) has urged Nigerians to look unto the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar as a job creator who would create jobs in the same way fellow businessman, President Donald Trump has boosted jobs in the United States.


The support group consisting of professionals in the United Kingdom in a statement made available to Vanguard also affirmed that Atiku’s stances on restructuring and inclusiveness made him a better choice for Nigeria.

The group’s assertion was conveyed in a press statement signed by Darlington Osaigbovo, Coordinator; Otite Otite, Publicity Secretary and Patrick Emuh, Social Secretary.

‘Entrepreneurship antidote for youth unemployment’

Noting the group’s appraisal of the PDP candidate after an April, 2018 interaction, the group said:

“The US electorate in 2016 voted based on what Trump has to offer and not his personalities and the reward is an upward economic trend in the US because first amongst many, Trump is a successful business man.

“Looking at Atiku’s antecedents, one would agree, like Trump first amongst many, he (Atiku) is a successful business man and a true federalist, with the characteristics of a no North and South divide.

“He has long been preaching true federalism; a structure/model that worked before it was truncated by the military interventions of the sixties.

“It our view that one of the fundamental problems we have as a nation is the issue of the North and South divide which has caused tribalism/nepotism to fracture us as one people. Fellow Nigerians, Atiku is the answer, he can mend the ills and give us the change we have all longed for as a nation.”

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Concluding, the group said: “WFN-UK chapter has and will continue to support H E Abubakar as the true Messiah that can restore the future of ordinary Nigerians. It is our primary duty to make sure that every youth in Nigeria votes Atiku and in so doing the youth unemployment will be significantly reduced because Atiku is well known as an “employer.”


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