January 13, 2019

2019: Investor cautions candidates, supporters over dubious actions

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration Limited, SWEERGLOBAL, Dr Thaddaeus Thompson

By Gabriel Ewepu

ABUJA- AS the 2019 general elections countdown, a firm called Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration Limited, SWEERGLOBAL has cautioned candidates and supporters of various political parties over dubious actions capable of paralyzing economic life of the nation.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration Limited, SWEERGLOBAL, Dr Thaddaeus Thompson

The assertion was made by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SWEERGLOBAL, Dr Thaddaeus Thompson, while expressing optimism that with the 16 years of democratic rule political parties, candidates and supporters would have gained experience and be matured to ensure a smooth electoral process without rancor at the detriment of the entire national life.

Thompson also made it clear that what keeps and attracts investors is democratic rule founded on transparency, accountability, equity, justice and fairness, and warned that political gladiators should be conscious of the fact that elections in Nigeria are of global interest as international community watches developments and final outcome of the electoral process.

He said: “Dubious actions will lead the country into the dark and ruin the efforts already made to win back confidence in our leadership and the world stage.

“All eyes are on Nigeria whether we embrace this fact or hide in the brushes. Many investor-prospects view Nigeria as the grounds to break for prosperity, but fear of the looming political tensions during and after election years keep them in suspense. Instead of giving investors hope that a continuation will follow after the election, we are giving out mix signals and creating panic in the investment communities.

“The pressure transcends foreign economic mayhem to the average Nigerians who find themselves stuck in an eminent conflict, in which there is minimal to zero escape route. The rich will keep their family away by shipping them abroad days before Election Day, as they fuel the atmosphere with discontent and threats.

“To some Nigerians, the declaration of election victory for a political party or candidate could mean the end of their existence on planet earth, giving the fact that Nigerian elections have historically been met with casualties. Should a change of government in 2019 cost people’s life, or the process of selecting leaders cost someone’s life? The answer lies with politicians who seek election through the popular vote system.

“Instead of the excitement of getting to the polls and selecting future leaders, Nigerians are gripped with fear of not just losing at the polls, but also losing their lives and property.

“The political atmosphere in Nigeria has been so pulverized to a boiling point, with all factions and interest groups vying for center stage at the cost of innocent lives and threats of bloodshed that looks inevitable as the D-day approaches. Retain or gain power at all cost has shamelessly become the norm.”

Meanwhile, he appealed to political parties, candidates and supporters to tread with caution as the polity has been overheated, especially with their speech and emotions to win election.

“I am appealing to all Nigerians to look at the bigger picture of future prospects and properties rather than taking 10 steps backwards into a darker future. Nobody should be intimidated to vote.

“Candidates should show constraints by their action and encourage a peaceful electoral process across the country. Leaders must exemplify respect for one another and refrain from vulgarity and defamation”, he stated.