Call popular comedian, Francis Agoda, better known as I Go Dye, the voice of Nigerian youth and you may not be far from the truth because over the years he hasn’t failed to bare his mind on challenging issues in the Nigerian society.

I Go Dye

In a chat with Potpourri, the veteran humour merchant proved he is abreast with the manner in which Nigeria has been and is being ruled by the leadership class as he x-rayed some of the problems challenging the contemporary Nigerian society.

While lamenting how the government has continuously failed the electorate, he took a swipe at the state of the country, condemning the government’s failure to live up to expectation.

“After many years of our independence, the leadership class has failed to provide most of the basic needs; electricity, water, shelter, employment and qualitative health services, just to mention a few social responsibilities that have been denied us, due to the leadership structure in Nigeria.”

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He challenged Nigerian youths to take responsibility for their future and that of their children by actively participating in the governance of the country.

“However, there is a need to redefine our political lives guided by the beauty of the future, which ought to be built on the potentiality of the younger generation. Regardless of the shortcomings and the perpetual motive of the present leadership class that has dislodged the youths from active governance, we have a responsibility as Nigerian youths to stand with someone; one of us, whom the system had once identified as a leader of tomorrow that tomorrow is today. It’s a gift given to every youth in the world to take charge of their destiny. We have no reason as Nigerian youths not to advocate for youthful leadership. I have severally spoken on this premise. I believe the journey must begin now, to liberate us from the retrogression standard fitted on us, blackmailing the youths that they are not ready for leadership. We can only prove them right if we fail to use all our platforms, positions and personality to effect the desired change.”

“In all sectors, from entertainment, educational pursuits, sports, media and social media, Nigerian youths have showcased brilliancy, just to mention a few. Even in foreign lands they have continued to make innovations and have attained remarkable heights in various fields of human endeavor”, he added.

He argued that if it were possible, the younger generation would be the best choice of leadership for the country to change for the better.

“The blame game of putting our future in the hands of those that enjoyed their lives as youths, but are presently living in the comfort of our dreams should be challenged by voting for someone of our generation. Yes you have a right to your choice, but my choice is for the younger generation. I challenge the fears and the uncertainty that has been forced on us over the years. They might not be the best among us but they are bold enough to contest, speak and act”, he concluded.

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